reflection pregnancy church

Reflections of a Pregnant Church

By Kelly Sankowski | November 15, 2023

I can feel myself stretching. There is tension in my skin, and soreness in my breasts as they usher life in. I am enlarging the space inside of myself; This Body made up of so many parts. They were all comfortable, all had their roles; An eye as an eye and an ear as an…

pregnancy after loss

Why Taking Prenatal Vitamins is an Act of Faith

By Ashley Holston | November 8, 2023

Because you’ve been down this road before, when the line turned more and more pink, leaving you without a shadow of a doubt: you’re pregnant. Because you’re struck by the wildness of it all — nearly a year since the miscarriage. . . and this?? Because you’d finally settled into contentment, not the restless back…

prayers for godchildren

Prayers for Your Godchildren

By Genevieve Mougey | November 1, 2023

A prayer for my godson(s) You are young. You reside in my heart, close to the others. Our relationship is unique. My deepest obligation to you is to pray for you. I would, anyway. I treasure the memory of your chubby arms circling around my neck and your little voice squealing, “Godmama!!” Now you grow…

a mother's litany

A Litany for Mothers

By Sarah White | October 25, 2023

From the belief that I am alone in my motherhood, deliver me Jesus. From the belief that my productivity lies within a completed checklist, deliver me Jesus. From the idol of business, deliver me Jesus. From the belief that my husband and I are the same, deliver me Jesus. From the self hate about all…

remembering others in wartime

Prayer for a Country Called War

By Cameron Bellm | October 18, 2023

Every time you kiss your children, Remember those who have lost theirs. Every time you take a sip of water, Remember those who have no food, no drink. Every time you call your parents, Remember those who have no way of knowing if their loved ones are alive or dead. Every time you flick on…

female friendship prayer

For Supportive Female Friendships

By Shannon Evans | October 11, 2023

Devoted Companion, At this and every stage of my daughter’s life, bring her female friends who will be faithful and true. Protect their hearts from jealousy and insecurity, betrayal and comparison. May they lift one another up, reveling in each other’s successes as though they were their own (seeing that, in fact, they are). May…

Caring God

What if God Called You Honey?

By Rachel Barga Simpson | October 4, 2023

What if God called you honey? Spoon-fed you chicken noodle, pressed a patchwork quilt across your lap before you thought to ask? Brimmed with proud tears when you got out of bed, sobbed like an earthquake when you couldn’t? Overlooked the stars, the wild flowered fields because He couldn’t stop beholding the birth shaking miracle…

raising teenagers

A Prayer for Raising Teenagers and Launching Young Adults

By Karianna Frey | September 27, 2023

Lord Jesus, through your death and resurrection, You teach us that it is only in letting go can we come to the glory of new life. Yet, as a parent, it is so hard to let go, especially when it comes to our children growing up. As our children develop into the people Our Father…

Holy Family Prayer

Holy Family Prayer

By Alissa Molina | September 20, 2023

Sometimes I ask St. Joseph to stand in the room with a brother or son or father I know who is going through something hard, or lonely, or maybe even unspeakable. I ask St. Joseph to place his calming, patient, loving hand upon the person’s shoulder so that they may know he is not alone.…

arm children with goodness

Arm the Children

By Jennifer Magnano | September 13, 2023

Arm the children Arm them with a passion for life and each other. Arm them with gorgeous humans who consistently show up. Arm them with some sort of relationship to the Divine. Arm the children with beautiful experiences and honest ones, too. Arm them with gratitude, an ample dose of optimism and hope, the ability…

motherhood is a prayer

Motherhood is a Prayer Breathed Out

By Ashley Holston | September 6, 2023

Something I believe. . .⁣ ⁣Motherhood is⁣ Weighty and wonderful,⁣ Sometimes monotonous and boring,⁣ But also exciting and spontaneous,⁣ While being grievous and frustrating. ⁣It’s both stretching and structured,⁣ Straightforward and confusing,⁣ Tiresome and energizing,⁣ Painful and healing,⁣ Draining and lifegiving,⁣ Hopeful and despairing.⁣ // It’s playing⁣ the long game⁣ Though your finish line will…

prayer after miscarriage

Prayer After Miscarriage

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | August 30, 2023

FOR THE WEEK AFTER MISCARRIAGE “Out of the depths I call to you, Lord; Lord, hear my cry!” (Ps 130:1–2) God of mercy, hear our prayer. From the depths of our grief, answer us. Our hearts break at the loss of our child. Our minds struggle to understand. Just days ago we held the hope…