A Prayer for the Mess of Motherhood

A Prayer for the Mess of Motherhood

Creator God,
Who gave life to dear ones,
Who knows the deep pride and frustration that commingle in the heart of a parent,
Who breathed life into dust,
Who feels the sting of disappointment in your children.
Pour out grace on my family.

Grant me perspective to see the world from two feet high,
From eyes that mirror my own in their determination and will.
Help me to soak in that same grace when I feel the weight of my shortcomings.

Allowing myself and my children room to feel,
Holding space for our emotions,
Remind us in those moments of hot anger,
Of the grace you gently shower on your children,
Of the hushed peace you offer.

Mother Mary,
Who raised my creator,
Intercede for me.

You who know the mess of motherhood,
The sensory overwhelm of constant noise,
The highs and lows of the everyday,
For even your sinless babe spilled,
Even your perfect toddler shrieked,
Even good mamas fall apart.

Fortify me in the chaos.
Laugh with me in the midst of the muddle.
Will you walk with me as I mother?

Copyright © 2024 Alli Bobzien

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Alli is a full-time mom, a nap-time writer, and graduate student of Theology at Fuller Seminary. When she isn’t playing outdoors with her two spunky daughters, she writes about spirituality, theology, family, nature, and how all these beautiful aspects of life intersect. Cherishing a love of everyday spirituality, women in scripture, and the healing power of connection through words, she seeks to craft essays and prayers that engage and uplift.

You can find more of her work at allibobzien.com, through her monthly newsletter The Pondering Heart, or on Instagram @bobz.alli.


  1. Dr.Mousavi on 12 April 2024 at 9:57 am

    Thank you for your poem, “A Prayer for the Mess of Motherhood.” Your words eloquently capture the complex emotions of parenting, blending deep love with the inevitable frustrations. The invocation of both divine and maternal figures adds a poignant layer to the everyday experiences of motherhood. However, I wonder if the poem could explore more varied emotional landscapes to fully represent the diversity of parental experiences. Nonetheless, your work provides a comforting reflection for many navigating the chaotic journey of parenthood.

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