Allison Bobzien

Alli is a full-time mom, a nap-time writer, and graduate student of Theology at Fuller Seminary. When she isn’t playing outdoors with her two spunky daughters, she writes about spirituality, theology, family, nature, and how all these beautiful aspects of life intersect. Cherishing a love of everyday spirituality, women in scripture, and the healing power of connection through words, she seeks to craft essays and prayers that engage and uplift.

You can find more of her work at, through her monthly newsletter The Pondering Heart, or on Instagram @bobz.alli.

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A Prayer for the Mess of Motherhood

A Prayer for the Mess of Motherhood

By Allison Bobzien / April 11, 2024

Creator God, Who gave life to dear ones, Who knows the deep pride and frustration that commingle in the heart of a parent, Who breathed life into dust, Who feels the sting of disappointment in your children. Pour out grace on my family. Grant me perspective to see the world from two feet high, From…