What sets Mothering Spirit apart?

We are focused on motherhood + spirituality (hence the name!)

Plenty of great resources already exist for ways to share faith with kids. But what about our own spirituality as parents? How has raising kids changed or challenged your faith? What have you learned about God through your children? How can you pray through the highs and lows of parenting?

Likewise, there are beautiful online spaces for storytelling about motherhood — but nothing that’s centered on parents’ spiritual lives. Through vivid essays and prayers, we want to lift up stories that invite parents to see their work and love in the light of faith. 

Mothers want resources that speak to our everyday lived experiences — with God and with our families. We need to nurture our own mothering spirits as we mother others.

woman reading bible with coffee
woman with ashes

We are shaped by the liturgical seasons. 

Even more than the school year or the monthly calendar, our lives of faith are defined and deepened by the liturgical seasons. Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and Ordinary Time are the great feasts and seasons that the church celebrates across centuries and cultures.

Our essays, prayers, and resources will be framed by themes from the liturgical year which many Christian denominations share. Just as parenting’ seasons come and go, so does the cycle of the church year shape our lives, changing our prayer and transforming our faith each time we return to the sacred rhythms of preparing, celebrating, and growing.

We are inspired by ecumenism and diversity. 

God created humans with great diversity, so we want to lift up the voices of a wide range of writers — especially those whose voices have been historically marginalized. We are committed to building a diverse collection of prayers and resources for Christians from a variety of traditions and backgrounds. 

Through first-person narratives, we hope to invite writers and readers to bring their full selves to the table — not bracketing our religious identities but speaking from the truth of our lives and beliefs. Conversations on raising kids offer a ripe opportunity for rich ecumenical exchanges. As Christians committed to the Gospel, we often have more in common than we assume.

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We offer more than words.

Our vision for Mothering Spirit includes:

virtual retreats on parenting

creative ways to pray on social media

printed collections of the prayers and essays we publish (yes, books!)

In addition to the work of mother-writers, we also hope to highlight the visual art and photography of parent-artists to create a beautiful, peaceful place to pause, pray, and ponder — right in the midst of parenting.