For the Mother That Needs to Be Held as She Holds Her Baby: A Prayer for Birth Trauma

For the Mother That Needs to Be Held as She Holds Her Baby: A Prayer for Birth Trauma

O Divine Midwife,
I come to you with my anxieties, my grief, and
with my injuries, both emotional and physical.
I am grateful for the baby in my arms, yet,
I am also haunted by the fear of what could have been.

O Midwife, grant me restored peace in surrender:
Help me to see the joys and trust of releasing control in motherhood,
not the pain of having it taken away from me.
Also allow me to feel my own intuition and power.
Grant me the ability to advocate for myself and find care providers that
are healthy and empowering; walking with me on my winding path of healing and recovery.

O Midwife, grant me the accompaniment of other mothers.
Allow me to find solace and friendship in Mary,
For she knew trauma in her early days of motherhood also.
Allow me to find comfort and safety in a few listening ears.
For sharing my story and speaking the truth of the trauma will
take power from the fear and restore it to me.

With compassion for myself and for those around me,

Copyright © 2024 Mary Beth Keenan.

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Mary Beth Keenan is a writer, artist, and stay-at-home-mom. She came home to herself and her creativity while caring for her newborn during the early days of the pandemic. She writes at the intersection of ecology, motherhood, and integrated living, often with a sprinkle of mental health and spirituality. An advocate for self-care and authenticity, she loves running, listening to others' stories, gluten-free baked goods, and children's books. She lives with her husband and two small children in Northern Virginia. Find more about her, including her poems and essays, at

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