A Prayer for Traumatic Birth

A Prayer for Traumatic Birth

O God who sees my suffering, 
    who was present as my little one was brought forth
    in the confused mixture of my great joy at their birth
    and my great grief as our bodies spiraled out of control, 

Your strength [can bring / has brought] [me / us] back from the edge of the abyss. 
    Make sense for me of the memories and the lack of memories. 
    Hold me in your love as I begin to heal. 
    Tell me a better story of birth and new life, 
for the sake of your resurrected Son. 


Copyright © 2024 Elizabeth Burtman.

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Elizabeth Burtman makes her home in south-central Wisconsin, where she is learning to pray, care for her family, grow and prepare food, and work with textiles. When she has the opportunity, she enjoys reading, thinking, and writing about all these pursuits and their intersections (including in her Substack newsletter Good News for New Moms).

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