Lauren Nizol

Lauren Nizol dreamed of being a writer when her oldest of three sons was a baby. After her return to teaching a year later, it took some time before she began to write again. Aside from being a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend, Lauren is also a high school teacher and literacy interventionist, and an eighth grade catechist. For Lauren, writing draws her close to God's "still, small voice." She enjoys travelling with her family, surrounding herself with nature, art, and books, and finding joy and laughter in life's ordinary moments.

Recent Posts

lightened grasp on parenting

Letting Go of My Own Way

By Lauren Nizol / March 25, 2024

My teenage son finally gave in to the sleep that he so badly needed, literally collapsing onto his bedroom floor while it was still light out. As the morning alarms went off, I crept to his room and could see he was stirring.  A sense of relief washed over me like those early days when…

For When You Relive A Traumatic Birth

For When You Relive a Traumatic Birth

By Lauren Nizol / March 13, 2024

Author’s Note: My first son was born almost fifteen years ago after a two-day, induced labor because I had severe preeclampsia. I was in and out of the hospital over the course of a month, finally spending a week in the high-risk section of the labor and delivery wing before they induced me. My second…

finding God in troubling times

Love and Hope in Troubling Times

By Lauren Nizol / March 6, 2023

“Let’s be present in the rain.”  It was the end of May: precisely that time of year where I’m reeling from the exhaustion of both teaching and parenting. There is so much that happens in May; it’s the busy culmination of the school year where the days get longer and evenings are peppered with band…