Prayers & Resources for Pregnancy After Loss

Prayers & Resources for Pregnancy After Loss

A Prayer for Pregnancy After Loss

God of hope and healing,
Help me to trust again.

I know this is a new story,
A different pregnancy,
Another baby.

But my heart still aches for the one I lost.
I struggle to believe this journey
Could end in goodness.

Walk with me each day of this long road.
Catch me when I stumble.
Comfort me when I fall.

Hold my baby safe and secure,
I beg You.
Hold my heart, too.

Let me believe that Your love
Is bigger than my grief.
Let me trust that Your heart
Can hold my fear.

You who knit each one of my children within my womb,
You who counts each hair on their heads,
Be for us a refuge in the storm,
A shield against despair,
And a wellspring of hope.

Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.

Copyright © 2024 Laura Kelly Fanucci.

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