Bridget Carey

Bridget Carey is a wife and mother of two young boys. A cradle Catholic, she holds theology degrees from Loyola University Maryland and the University of Notre Dame. Believing that she has been given much (Lk 12:48), she seeks to return these blessings to God by using them in service of others and the Church. She loves reading, writing, and baking and strives to live the liturgical life of the Church at home. You are invited to follow along on Instagram @inthisseason_blog

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Still, Slow, Stoke, Save My Anger

Still, Slow, Stoke, Save My Anger

By Bridget Carey / March 22, 2024

Still my anger, Lord over milk spilled toothpaste wasted urine everywhere but the toilet Slow my anger, Lord when I am constantly interrupted my plans are thwarted my children misbehave and I feel embarrassed when I go without sleep without food without a moment of quiet Stoke my anger, Lord when children go without food,…