A Prayer for the Mental Load of Motherhood

A Prayer for the Mental Load of Motherhood

God—Perfect Parent,

I carry my children—body, mind, heart, emotion, and mind.
I carry the privilege of loving them well.
I carry the burden of leading them well.

When the mental load is tremendous, keep me from trembling.
When the fears are many, calm my body systems.
When the confusion is heavy, illuminate the next step.
When anger grips me, open me to Peace.
When grief swells, buoy me with Hope.
When despair suffocates, breathe joy into my weary bones.
When the best response is unclear, draw me into Your wisdom.
When guilt afflicts me, center me on simplicity.
When I’m tempted to fixate, control, or live in hypervigilance,
realign me with the strength and power You’ve granted me.
When a child is wandering, lend me generous humility and patience
because this is compassion.
This is love.

Lord, You love my children more than I do. May I remember this always.
You have intentionally chosen me to be their mom. May I never forget.
My greatest task is trust.
Help me trust You more.

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Michelle Stiffler is passionate about sunrises, bread baking, and laughter with her husband, four young adult children, two sons-in-law, and grandson. She's the creator of Sincerity Method, an approach to wellness that blends trauma-informed strength training, mind-body practices, and somatic coaching, and she's a podcast cohost and educator for Arizona's Trauma-informed Faith Coalition. After journaling through the entire Bible for each of her four kids, she caught the writing bug and started writing publicly. Since then, her work has been featured in over twenty publications, including Common Good magazine, (in)courage, Upper Room's Disciplines, and the Women’s Devotional Bible in The Message (2025). She's a board member for the Redbud Writers Guild and she writes about faith, adversity, and courage at www.onemoretruth.com.

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