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Advent Prayers for Overwhelmed Parents: Peace

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | December 7, 2022

God of peace, We’ve done it again. We’ve crammed our calendar full to bursting. We don’t know how we’ll get it all done. December is packed with Parties, plays, and performances, Christmas concerts and celebrations At school and church and work And everywhere in between— Shopping, planning, decorating, baking, Prepping, giving, buying, wrapping, Doing, doing,…

Advent for overwhelmed parents

Advent Prayers for Overwhelmed Parents: Hope

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | November 30, 2022

God of hope, Help us in this season of stress, This beautiful time of year that Can bring added burdens. Less money, more expenses, increased anxiety, Christmas coming right around the corner— Everything feels overwhelming right now. For rising costs and mounting bills. For Christmas lists and year-end deadlines. For groceries and gas and everything…

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For Those Who Make Things

By Rachel Marie Kang | November 23, 2022

May you bake, and be blessed. May you write, and unearth wonder. May you paint, and know pleasure. May you think on theories and theologies, and know deeply that this, too, counts. May you grow things, and glimpse growth within yourself. May you weld silver, and find that you are also being forged. May you…

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To The One Who Doesn’t Anymore

By Rachel Marie Kang | November 16, 2022

To the one who doesn’t journal, anymore. To the one who doesn’t play piano, anymore. To the one who doesn’t dance, write, shoot, build, garden, cook, bake, sketch, or sing anymore. You are not a failure, and the passion of your past was not fake. That art came to you and came from you for a season. The…

praying through shadows


By Rakhi McCormick | November 9, 2022

Lord, we invite you into the shadowlands of our hearts. Reveal to us the ways in which we continue to turn away from You. Release us from the shame of our betrayals and our perceived failures. Help us run toward Your mercy and repent of our sins. In these holy days, transform us and conform…

a prayer for miscarriage

A Prayer for Miscarriage

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | November 8, 2022

This prayer for miscarriage is featured in the book Pocket Prayers for Times of Trouble (Twenty-Third Publications, 2014). God of comfort, you who are mother and father of us all, hear my anguish at the loss of my child. My heart and body are broken, wracked with pain and grief. Let me bring you my cries and my confusion, my anger…

Lord have mercy

Lord Have Mercy

By Rakhi McCormick | November 2, 2022

Lord have mercy. It all feels so hopeless as we talk and talk and posture and debate and namecall and swipe and dehumanize for our own gain and nothing changes. No end in sight as children keep dying and families keep weeping and wailing and grieving… Lord have mercy on us all. Where are our…

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Lord, Help Me Choose Love

By Kimberly Iglesia | October 26, 2022

Lord, help me choose love. Help me choose love over the need to correct. Help me choose love over the need to educate. When I feel the need to prove my point, help me choose love. Help me choose love when I’m tired or impatient. When I’m angry, when I’m struggling with my mental health,…

a prayer for flowing mercy

May Flowing Waters Quench The Parched Land

By Rakhi McCormick | October 19, 2022

May flowing waters quench the parched land. May tiny tendrils push through the once hardened ground and blossom. May the grip of gloom be loosened to make way for joy. May the smallest spark of light shatter the suffocating darkness. May the tombs be empty and the gardens full. And in the groaning and straining…

Space in Your Story

There Is Space For Your Story

By Rachel Marie Kang | October 12, 2022

There is space for your story. All the good, and all the gold. All the hard, and all the hurt. All the broken, and all the beautiful. There is room for the wreckage, room for the wounds and for figuring out: What went wrong, and who, and how, and what now? There is space for…

prayer for anger

For Days When We Get It All Wrong

By Kimberly Iglesia | October 5, 2022

God, there are days when I get this all so wrong. I lose my patience, I yell, I cry. I just don’t have the control I wish I had. Not over them, but over myself. I tell myself, “they’re just kids!” And then I battle with the patience I was never shown. I tell myself,…

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How To Hold Your Bones

By Rachel Marie Kang | September 28, 2022

Here is how to hold your bones, how not to leave the skin you live in how not to forsake the flesh that fails how not to scorn the cells that kill. Here is how to dig yourself out from deepest, darkest grounds and graves: You, the caged bird that you are, will sing and…


Set Our Hearts On Fire

By Rakhi McCormick | September 21, 2022 |

God Who is Love, When we are weary and empty and find it difficult to love Gently remind us we need not rely on our own power, that we cannot love the way we are called to love on our own strength. Renew us from our exhaustion. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit to overflow,…


Your Joy Remains

By Kimberly Iglesia | September 14, 2022 |

At a local laundromat, I realized something. My mind is constantly racing. There’s not a moment when I don’t have thoughts running through my mind. More often than not, those thoughts are negative. More than I would like. But today I caught myself thinking and feeling something new. I have found joy here. Here, in…


A Blessing to Begin

By Kayla Craig | September 7, 2022 |

God, bless the hopes and anxieties, The joys and the longings Within us as we raise our children. Bless the late nights And the too-early mornings. Bless the daily chaos And the quiet moments, too. Bless the growing hearts and souls And their embodied hope. Bless the future so full of promise, And bless the…


A Prayer for Infertility

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | August 8, 2022 |

God of Abraham and Sarah, wait with us and help us to believe. God of Rebecca and Isaac, hear our prayers and speak to our struggles. God of Jacob and Rachel, forgive us our envy and free us from jealousy. God of Hannah and Elkanah, hold our anger and weep with us. God of Elizabeth and Zechariah,…


A Prayer for Families in Ordinary Time

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | July 19, 2022 |
Catholic parenting

God of Ordinary Time,
We bring our needs to You,
whether extraordinary or everyday.
For backyard barbeques and family reunions.
For back to school shopping and summer sports practices.
For college drop-offs and kindergarten jitters.


a prayer for morning sickness

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | December 7, 2015 |

Morning sickness is awful. At best it’s a nuisance for a few weeks; at worst it’s debilitating for months. I’ve had both scenarios, so my sympathies leap out to any expectant mother who suffers – and longs for a prayer during these hardest times. I’ve written ad nauseam (ha) about morning sickness: “In Which We Are All…


a prayer for a new school year

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | September 8, 2015 |

Here is a prayer for all of us in the midst of transition: to a new season, a new schedule, or a new school year. A prayer to God who guides us all. You are Alpha and Omega.      Bless the end of our summer and the beginning of our fall. You are Abba…


A Prayer for the Sleep-Deprived

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | August 7, 2015 |

I am tired. How about you? I am tired all the time. I’m tired of talking about how tired I am. I know I was tired before I had kids – tired from college, tired from grad school, tired from work. But since my first child was born, I have been weary to my bones. This is the happy…


A Prayer for a Messy Home

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | September 10, 2012 |

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof… Christ, I’d be impressed if you made it past the driveway. Cracks lined with weeds. Untrimmed hedges. A half-mowed lawn. Plastic children’s toys abandoned to bleach in the sun in that tacky way I swore I’d never let happen in my yard. And if you did…


a prayer for wrangling children at church

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | May 20, 2012 |

God of infinite patience, Help me not to lose my mind at church today. When my toddler falls off the pew for the umpteenth time and howls at me, let me not say I told you so! but I love you. When the baby gets so fussy that no one within six pews can hear…