prayer for a child in the hospital

A Prayer Before a Child’s Hospitalization

By Kayla Craig | February 1, 2023

Help me remember, O Lord, That nothing surprises You And no need is too great For Your mighty hand. O Lord, I ache to fix things, To heal my child, To protect them from suffering. And though I wish I were in control, I’m fighting to trust that You alone are God. As they prepare…

prayer child suffering

A Prayer for When Your Child is Suffering

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | January 30, 2023

God of goodness, How could you let this happen to my beloved child? Watching them in pain Brings the deepest pain I have ever known. I wish I could step in and take their place So I could suffer instead of them. But I know that you know Human suffering from the inside out. That…

blessing first phone

A Blessing For Their First Phone

By Meta Herrick Carlson | January 25, 2023

The device contains a universe of things and also nothing of any importance. May it be a tool you own and use so that it does not own and use you. May it offer connection to what is real rather than escape from what matters. May it be the last place you look for validation…

struggle with faith as parent

For the ones who wrestle and wander

By Tasha Jun | January 18, 2023

Some of us wrestle because we are full of a grief we cannot escape. If this is you, may you remember that your grief doesn’t mean you’re remiss or ungrateful. Lord, have mercy on us grieving ones. Some of us wander because we believe Jesus meant what he said when he told the parable of…

Prayer for Birth and Racial Trauma

Prayer for Birth and Racial Trauma

By Jessica Mathisen | January 11, 2023

Heavenly Father, I thank You for the honor of being a mother. Thank You for entrusting me with this precious gift. As I bring my children into the world, my heart is heavy. I wonder what people will think of me as a Black mother. Will I meet their expectations? Or will I disappoint them?…

single parent prayer

A Prayer for One Who Parents Alone

By Kayla Craig | January 4, 2023

Ever-present God, Remind us that You are near In our single parenting. For we are spread thin, Stretching to fill many roles, And we come to You Aware of our family’s need To be filled with Your care and great compassion. O Lord, we feel like we’re doing So much for our families, Yet it’s…

Christmas Is For You

Christmas Is For You

By Tasha Jun | December 28, 2022

For the ones who are hollow inside cracked and cavernous dusty and dried void of vision and voice wrestling to find light to rejoice Remember: God came near Not only next-door neighbor near No, even nearer He moved into a woman’s womb her heartbeat, his song her breath, his movement No matter what they say…

Advent prayers parents love

Advent Prayers for Overwhelmed Parents: Love

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | December 21, 2022

God of love, You came to us within a family. You know how hard family life can be. This season when we gather with relatives, Especially those we don’t see often, Be with us through our challenges and conflicts. We give You all the hard things we cannot carry alone: Grief and grudges. Disappointment and…

Advent prayers parents

Advent Prayers for Overwhelmed Parents: Joy

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | December 14, 2022

God of joy, This can be a heavy time of year for our mental health. For many of us, the world outside grows cold and dark. The sun sets early. The wind blows hard. Our minds and bodies suffer From the lack of light and shorter days. We were already struggling, but now everything feels…

Advent prayers parents

Advent Prayers for Overwhelmed Parents: Peace

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | December 7, 2022

God of peace, We’ve done it again. We’ve crammed our calendar full to bursting. We don’t know how we’ll get it all done. December is packed with Parties, plays, and performances, Christmas concerts and celebrations At school and church and work And everywhere in between— Shopping, planning, decorating, baking, Prepping, giving, buying, wrapping, Doing, doing,…

Advent for overwhelmed parents

Advent Prayers for Overwhelmed Parents: Hope

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | November 30, 2022

God of hope, Help us in this season of stress, This beautiful time of year that Can bring added burdens. Less money, more expenses, increased anxiety, Christmas coming right around the corner— Everything feels overwhelming right now. For rising costs and mounting bills. For Christmas lists and year-end deadlines. For groceries and gas and everything…

bake and be blessed

For Those Who Make Things

By Rachel Marie Kang | November 23, 2022

May you bake, and be blessed. May you write, and unearth wonder. May you paint, and know pleasure. May you think on theories and theologies, and know deeply that this, too, counts. May you grow things, and glimpse growth within yourself. May you weld silver, and find that you are also being forged. May you…