Rachel Marie Kang

bake and be blessed

For Those Who Make Things

By Rachel Marie Kang / November 23, 2022

May you bake, and be blessed. May you write, and unearth wonder. May you paint, and know pleasure. May you think on theories and theologies, and know deeply that this, too, counts. May you grow things, and glimpse growth within yourself. May you weld silver, and find that you are also being forged. May you…

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To The One Who Doesn’t Anymore

By Rachel Marie Kang / November 16, 2022

To the one who doesn’t journal, anymore. To the one who doesn’t play piano, anymore. To the one who doesn’t dance, write, shoot, build, garden, cook, bake, sketch, or sing anymore. You are not a failure, and the passion of your past was not fake. That art came to you and came from you for a season. The…

Space in Your Story

There Is Space For Your Story

By Rachel Marie Kang / October 12, 2022

There is space for your story. All the good, and all the gold. All the hard, and all the hurt. All the broken, and all the beautiful. There is room for the wreckage, room for the wounds and for figuring out: What went wrong, and who, and how, and what now? There is space for…

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How To Hold Your Bones

By Rachel Marie Kang / September 28, 2022

Here is how to hold your bones, how not to leave the skin you live in how not to forsake the flesh that fails how not to scorn the cells that kill. Here is how to dig yourself out from deepest, darkest grounds and graves: You, the caged bird that you are, will sing and…