For the ones who wrestle and wander

struggle with faith as parent

Some of us wrestle because we are full of a grief we cannot escape.

If this is you, may you remember that your grief doesn’t mean
you’re remiss or ungrateful.

Lord, have mercy on us grieving ones.

Some of us wander because we believe Jesus meant what he said
when he told the parable of lost sheep.

If this is you, may you find the Shepherd walking with you
when the path feels lonely and you wonder if you’ve lost your way.

Lord, pursue us and the ones we love.

Some of us wrestle, not because of our unbelief, but
because we are awake to wonder and believe the imago Dei is in everyone.

If this is you, may your heart
be kept tender and tenacious towards Jesus and everyone he loves.

Lord, keep us soft and humble—give us eyes to see.

Some of us wander because we live between worlds, languages, and continents,
and while the world begs us to choose one, we cannot.

If this is you, may you know
you aren’t alone, refuse to explain yourself in fractions,
and know that you are loved whole.

Lord, give us the courage to be and become.

Copyright © 2022 Tasha Jun.

Tasha Jun is a melancholy dreamer, a biracial Korean American storyteller, wife to Matt, and mama to three little warriors: two wild boys and one little lady. As long as she can remember, she’s lived and stood in places where cultures collide. Writing has always been the way God has led her towards home and the hope of shalom. Tasha’s first book is forthcoming in 2023, Tell Me the Dream Again: Reflections on Family, Ethnicity, and the Sacred Work of Belonging. Find more of her writing on Instagram at at

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