Advent Prayers for Overwhelmed Parents: Love

Advent prayers parents love

God of love,
You came to us within a family.
You know how hard family life can be.

This season when we gather with relatives,
Especially those we don’t see often,
Be with us through our challenges and conflicts.

We give You all the hard things we cannot carry alone:
Grief and grudges. Disappointment and dysfunction.
Miscommunication and misunderstandings.
Broken relationships and broken trust.

We praise You for the goodness that carries us through:
Healthy boundaries and abundant forgiveness.
Supportive friends and fruitful conversations.
Quiet moments and honest prayer.

For the peace found only in You
And Your unfailing love.

Be with us as we make our way.
Make a way for us where we see none.

Help us to breathe deeply, to seek You freely,
to choose joy, and to find hope.

We praise You
For making all things new.
Including us. Including them.

God of Advent, lend us Your love.
Even (and especially)
When others are hard to love.


Copyright © 2022 Laura Kelly Fanucci.

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