Advent Prayers for Overwhelmed Parents: Hope

Advent for overwhelmed parents

God of hope,
Help us in this season of stress,
This beautiful time of year that
Can bring added burdens.

Less money, more expenses, increased anxiety,
Christmas coming right around the corner—
Everything feels overwhelming right now.

For rising costs and mounting bills.
For Christmas lists and year-end deadlines.
For groceries and gas and everything that costs more this year.

Our hearts sink as our kids’ eyes light up.
Our stomachs twist as we make our lists.

Help us make it work, Lord;
We don’t know how it’s going to work.

When all we see is the darkness of not-enough, be our light.
When all we feel is the crunch of too-much, be our peace.

Help us find hope in hidden corners
Where You are always waiting to meet us.

Make a way where there is no way.
Turn the impossible into possible.

Remind us this is the season
When You came among us
To walk with us, to be with us.

God of Advent,
Help us put our hope and trust in You.


Copyright © 2022 Laura Kelly Fanucci.

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