Advent Prayers for Overwhelmed Parents: Joy

Advent prayers parents

God of joy,
This can be a heavy time of year
for our mental health.

For many of us, the world outside grows cold and dark.
The sun sets early. The wind blows hard.

Our minds and bodies suffer
From the lack of light and shorter days.
We were already struggling,
but now everything feels even harder.

Holidays and happy cheer
In every ad and card and song
Sink our spirits and make us feel more alone.
We see only what is broken, lost, or impossible.

God of Advent, grow Your joy within us.

Not a thin version of happiness, sold in stores.
Not a passing thrill from sugar highs or sparkling lights.

But the deep, abiding joy
That comes from Your love and protection,
That will carry us through harder months
And darker seasons.

Help us to seek the help we need,
The support that will let us care for ourselves
And care for each other.

Comfort us with Your tender love.
Bring us Your abundant life.
Fill us with Your lasting hope.

God of Advent, bring us Your joy.

Copyright © 2022 Laura Kelly Fanucci.

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