Kimberly Iglesia

Kimberly Iglesia is a wife, mother, and student who resides in Brooklyn, New York. Through her writing she hopes to inspire the heart of every catholic and non-catholic to draw close to Jesus. She is a psychology major who one day hopes to offer counseling to all Christians struggling with mental health issues. She enjoys spending time in nature, drinking coffee, and encouraging others to wellness of mind, body, and soul.

Recent Posts

mother prayer

Lord, Help Me Choose Love

By Kimberly Iglesia / October 26, 2022

Lord, help me choose love. Help me choose love over the need to correct. Help me choose love over the need to educate. When I feel the need to prove my point, help me choose love. Help me choose love when I’m tired or impatient. When I’m angry, when I’m struggling with my mental health,…

prayer for anger

For Days When We Get It All Wrong

By Kimberly Iglesia / October 5, 2022

God, there are days when I get this all so wrong. I lose my patience, I yell, I cry. I just don’t have the control I wish I had. Not over them, but over myself. I tell myself, “they’re just kids!” And then I battle with the patience I was never shown. I tell myself,…


Your Joy Remains

By Kimberly Iglesia / September 14, 2022

At a local laundromat, I realized something. My mind is constantly racing. There’s not a moment when I don’t have thoughts running through my mind. More often than not, those thoughts are negative. More than I would like. But today I caught myself thinking and feeling something new. I have found joy here. Here, in…