For Days When We Get It All Wrong

prayer for anger

God, there are days when I get this all so wrong.

I lose my patience, I yell, I cry.
I just don’t have the control I wish I had. Not over them, but over myself.

I tell myself, “they’re just kids!” And then I battle with the patience I was never shown.
I tell myself, “this will pass.” And then I battle with how inconvenient the tantrums are.
I battle with how much they need me because I don’t know how to be there.

But I love that they trust to come to me when they do need me. I hope to never mess that up. I love my family so much.

I keep telling us all, “We’re all just learning. And this will be better soon.”
Help us show each other grace and compassion.

Thank you, Father, for watching over me,
guiding me, holding on to me.
For the light that envelops me.

Thank you for your love that fills me with hope,
affirms and propels me.

For your mercy that renews me.

For the suffering that brings me closer to you.

For your grace that keeps me.

So many reasons to praise you, God.
I just want to start with today.

Señor, hay días en que todo me sale mal.

Pierdo la paciencia, grito, lloro.
Simplemente no tengo el control que desearía tener.
No sobre ellos, sino sobre mí mismo.

Pienso, “¡son solo niños!” Y luego lucho con la paciencia que nunca me mostraron a mi.
Pienso, “esto pasará.” Y luego lucho con lo inconveniente que son los berrinches.
Lucho con lo mucho que me necesitan porque no sé cómo dar más.

Pero me encanta que acudan a mí cuando me necesitan.
Espero nunca dañar esa confianza. Amo tanto a mi familia.

Sigo diciendo: “Todos estamos aprendiendo. Y esto mejorará pronto.”
Señor, ayúdanos a mostrarnos gracia y compasión.

Gracias Padre por cuidarme, guiarme, y sostenerme.
Por la luz que me envuelve.

Gracias por tu amor que me llena de esperanza,
me afirma y me impulsa.

Por tu misericordia que me renueva.

Por el sufrimiento que me acerca a ti.

Por tu gracia que me guarda.

Tantas razones para alabarte, Dios.
Pero sólo quiero empezar con hoy.

Copyright © 2022 Kimberly Iglesia.

Kimberly Iglesia is a wife, mother, and student who resides in Brooklyn, New York. Through her writing she hopes to inspire the heart of every catholic and non-catholic to draw close to Jesus. She is a psychology major who one day hopes to offer counseling to all Christians struggling with mental health issues. She enjoys spending time in nature, drinking coffee, and encouraging others to wellness of mind, body, and soul.

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash.

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