A Prayer for Infertility

God of Abraham and Sarah,
wait with us and help us to believe.

God of Rebecca and Isaac,
hear our prayers and speak to our struggles.

God of Jacob and Rachel,
forgive us our envy and free us from jealousy.

God of Hannah and Elkanah,
hold our anger and weep with us.

God of Elizabeth and Zechariah,
calm our fear and strengthen our trust.

God of all the untold stories –
of all the couples who conceived,
of all the couples who did not conceive,
of all the parents who adopted,
of all the parents who fostered,
of all the women and men who did not become parents
but whose callings brought new life in different ways –
bless our waiting and hoping,
our fear and our frustration,
our anger and our sorrow.

Walk with us on this dark and difficult journey.
Help us to trust that You will be our Light.


Copyright © 2015 Laura Kelly Fanucci for MotheringSpirit.com.

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