The Extraordinary Ordinary Time: A brand-new e-book

Our 1st e-book is now available from Mothering Spirit! The Extraordinary Ordinary Time is a new collection from Laura Kelly Fanucci, the founder of Mothering Spirit, and includes:

  • original essays on the spirituality of this holy season 
  • brand-new prayers for Ordinary Time
  • best-loved poems that invite fresh reflection
  • creative ways to pray through the longest liturgical season
  • plenty of Scripture passages to ponder
  • ideas for celebrating Ordinary Time in summer (and winter, too!)

In short, this new 45-page e-book is a full guide to a favorite (and often overlooked) season at church and home.

Your purchase will go directly to support the writers of Mothering Spirit. This e-book is launched as a kickstarter fundraiser for Mothering Spirit. All proceeds will be used to pay our writers, looking ahead to our Labor Day 2022 launch.

The Extraordinary Ordinary Time highlights the kind of content we will bring you starting in September: weekly essays, prayers, and creative resources to pray through parenting. 

But this e-book is written for anyone who wants to deepen their prayer and reflection in Ordinary Time. As an ecumenical project, Mothering Spirit’s essays and prayers will be shaped by the liturgical year that many Christian traditions share. 

Starting with Ordinary Time, we’ll journey through the seasons of the church year through weekly reflections on parenting and spirituality.

Get your copy of The Extraordinary Ordinary Time here today!

More from the author

Why did you write this e-book? 

I realized I had read or owned exactly zero books on Ordinary Time. So I wanted to create something for you if you’re in the same boat: seeking inspiration for ordinary days through this longest liturgical season. 

Over recent years, I’ve come to love Ordinary Time, seeking God in the quiet everyday, not only the big feasts. Finding God in the hidden corners and overlooked places. 

As I walked down memory lane through the archives of Mothering Spirit (where I started writing about parenting and spirituality in 2010), I noticed how many reflections spoke about finding God in ordinary days at home. 

Ordinary Time has always been at the heart of Mothering Spirit. Today we get to share this sacred season together in a whole new way.

My prayer is that The Extraordinary Ordinary Time will help you pray through the weeks and months of this longest liturgical season. So much of God’s mystery, mercy, and love are waiting for us, right where we are.

If you’d like to get 20% off your purchase of The Extraordinary Ordinary Time, join us on Patreon starting at only $2/month to support the writers of Mothering Spirit!

Thank you for sharing and supporting our work as we launch.

May God bless you abundantly in Ordinary Time.

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