The Days Ahead: A Reminder for the Changing of Seasons

God's provision in changing seasons

I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.⁣⁣
So when I see a trial⁣⁣
an unexpected struggle⁣⁣
an unfamiliar season⁣⁣
a potentially hard thing⁣⁣
anything new⁣⁣
anything I’m not used to⁣⁣
headed my way⁣⁣
and uncomfortably close,⁣⁣
when I see it and become⁣⁣
to hoard manna⁣⁣
I remember:⁣⁣
The Bread of life has been broken for me.⁣⁣
His future grace feeds me⁣⁣
and I am ⁣⁣
Kept, ⁣⁣
Those mounds of manna will rot⁣⁣
and crumble and mold—
And is not life more than food?⁣⁣
I pile high the stones⁣⁣
of remembrance:⁣⁣
I look behind and see⁣⁣
a mobile memorial—
goodness and mercy ever at my heels,⁣⁣
faithfulness following after:⁣⁣
Answered prayers,⁣⁣
Timely words,⁣⁣
Providential provision,⁣⁣
Needs supplied—
No good thing withheld.⁣⁣
No righteous forsaken.⁣⁣
No children begging bread.⁣⁣
I look ahead and see⁣⁣
a table⁣⁣
prepared for me:⁣⁣
I will dine on⁣⁣
Future grace,⁣⁣
I will feast on⁣⁣
Promised faithfulness.⁣⁣
The King beckons me⁣⁣
to a banquet of eternal joy—⁣⁣
Certain joy⁣⁣
in the morning⁣⁣
no matter what mourning⁣⁣
may await.⁣⁣
I will taste and see that the Lord is good.⁣⁣
I will feel⁣⁣
and be filled with⁣⁣
the hope and the truth⁣⁣
that He’s always nourished me⁣⁣
than my bread of anxious toil⁣⁣
ever could.⁣⁣

Copyright © 2023 Ashley Holston

Ashley Holston was born and raised in Northern Virginia, and she now resides in Maryland with her college sweetheart husband, as well as their 4 kids—2 boys, 2 girls, and a tiebreaker baby on the way! She is a homeschooling mama who, when not teaching or shuttling kids to activities, loves to read, write, spend time with family and friends, and participate in the life of her local church. You can follow Ashley’s musings on faith, motherhood, and everyday living on her blog, on the way home, as well as on her Instagram page, @ashleydholston.

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