Lord Have Mercy

Lord have mercy

Lord have mercy.
It all feels so hopeless
as we talk and talk
and posture
and debate
and namecall
and swipe
and dehumanize
for our own gain
and nothing changes.
No end in sight
as children keep dying
and families keep weeping
and wailing
and grieving…
Lord have mercy on us all.

Where are our prophets?
Our healers?
Our leaders?
Who will put aside
the talking points
and pride
and self interest
and begin to end this?
Where are our neighbors?
Who are our neighbors?
We are tired & weary
Of weeping & breaking.
How long, O Lord?
Here I am.
Send me.

Copyright © 2022 Rakhi McCormick.

Rakhi McCormick is a first-generation Indian-American and convert from Hinduism who found her way into the Church and a career in ministry through a series of invitations, and more than a few leaps of faith – sometimes kicking and screaming. Having worked in a variety of ministries at the national, diocesan, and local level, Rakhi has discovered that her greatest passion is speaking light into darkness, wherever that might be found, and however the Holy Spirit leads. She has a heart for the underdog, the overlooked, and the broken. A devoted advocate for God’s mercy and justice, Rakhi uses these inspirations to shape her writing, speaking, and artwork. She is the owner of Rakstar Designs and currently resides in the Metro Detroit area with her husband and three children. When not playing wife, mother, or minister, you can find Rakhi singing, reading, scrolling Instagram, and making beautiful things (and messes) with coffee in hand.

Photo by KE ATLAS on Unsplash.

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