A Prayer for Families in Ordinary Time

God of Ordinary Time,

We bring our needs to You,
whether extraordinary or everyday.

For backyard barbeques and family reunions.
For back to school shopping and summer sports practices.
For college drop-offs and kindergarten jitters.

For sun-drenched days and lazy evenings.
For outdoor music and walks by the water.
For weekend picnics and late-night fireworks.

For sweet seasons we wish would linger
and hard days we hope will end.

For financial stress and family worries.
For hidden fears and health concerns.
For broken relationships and dashed hopes.

For national tragedies and local crises.
For unthinkable loss and unprecedented turmoil.
For our ordinary highs and lows caught in between.

God of all time and all families,
help us entrust our times
and families to You,
knowing You hold us all together.


Copyright © 2022 Laura Kelly Fanucci.

Photo by Dragon Pan on Unsplash.

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