Nancy Nyabuti

Nancy is a mother of four living in a Minnesota suburb. She holds a master's degree in clinical psychology and spent her early years of parenting working as a mental health therapist. Today, she thrives in a bustling, joyfully chaotic lifestyle, homeschooling her children while savoring the profound lessons of motherhood and homemaking. Nancy's passion lies in introspection and journaling about her parenting journey. Occasionally, she finds moments to share these heartfelt experiences from her daily life on social media. Where she hopes they can uplift and encourage other moms.

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neurodivergence and motherhood

Embracing the Spectrum: A Journey of Love and Neurodivergence

By Nancy Nyabuti / February 12, 2024

As I leaned over his crib, a tumult of emotions swirled within me as I attuned to the gentle cadence of his rising and falling chest. His soft, rhythmic newborn breaths and those distinct half-lidded eyes—a trait he still holds onto—whispered of dreams beyond my comprehension. My fingers gently cradled his petal-soft newborn hand, its…