Melissa Clayton

Melissa Clayton is a photographer whose work is deeply rooted in capturing the essence of families and couples through archival compositions, as well as exploring the beauty of still life photography. Her work is driven by a personal mission to capture memories and inspired by her late mother, whose life was scarcely captured in photos.

In her still life photography, Melissa explores the contrasts between light and dark, life and death, creating images that challenge conventional notions of brightness and color and highlight the profound connections between these elements. Her photographs are visually striking and often paired with her reflections on the complexities of suffering and grace.

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Marigold by Melissa Diane Photography

Between Light and Shadow

By Melissa Clayton / February 19, 2024

Author’s Note: I am a photographer by trade but my works have almost always been accompanied by my words. When Laura approached me about creating a piece for Mothering Spirit, I knew I wanted it to be spoken in the language of flowers. The words and photographs that follow are each an aspect of the…