Jennifer Magnano

Jennifer Magnano is a mother, writer and Ayurvedic postpartum (doula) specialist. Working for the betterment of mothering and caregiving bodies, she honors the wild, holy work of our Becoming as VP of a doula collective in Arizona, founder of a global collaborative called The Postpartum Institute, and author of the weekly-ish contemplative Substack publication Dear Soul Tender. With personal experience of the chaos and complexity to exist throughout the caregiving years, Jennifer’s ongoing work is that humanity knows peace. The kind that begins within and echoes throughout generations to come. You can find her work at or on social media @thebarefootpreacher.

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arm children with goodness

Arm the Children

By Jennifer Magnano / September 13, 2023

Arm the children Arm them with a passion for life and each other. Arm them with gorgeous humans who consistently show up. Arm them with some sort of relationship to the Divine. Arm the children with beautiful experiences and honest ones, too. Arm them with gratitude, an ample dose of optimism and hope, the ability…