Heather Faase

Heather Faase was raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. A deep and spiritual soul, Heather attended College of St. Benedict in Minnesota where she received a Bachelors of Arts in Theology before attending St. John’s University where she was awarded a Masters in Systematic Theology. The Benedictine tradition of these universities instilled in Heather her focus on compassion, community, and hospitality.
In 2017, Heather left her professional career aside giving favor to her wonderlust and the desire to raise her three daughters as global citizens. Still called by the mountains, Heather and her family moved to Zug, Switzerland where her family grew with the birth of her son who later passed away in 2018. After living in Zug for four years Heather and family moved to Brussels, Belgium where she currently resides. Heather cares deeply for humanity with a particular interest in building bridges between faiths and between communities. She is a loving mother, caring friend, contemplative Catholic, and community leader maintaining presence in circles across the globe.

Recent Posts

God in Creation

Called by the Swiss Alphorn Into the Arms of the Creator

By Heather Faase / August 28, 2023

Three years into living in picturesque Switzerland, I sat in a warm bath on a hot August afternoon trying to ease miscarriage contractions. I soaked in discomfort, both physically and mentally. Once again I found myself at the end of my rope, stuck at the bottom of a deep, dark pit that I didn’t have…