Elizabeth Berget

Elizabeth Berget is a mama to three who has always done her best thinking while writing—from her angsty teenage journals until now. She’s lived in Africa and Asia but is really just a country mouse with a Minneapolis zip code. She primarily writes about the image of God as seen in motherhood, mining theological gems from the everyday trenches of diapers and dishes. She has been previously published on Coffee+Crumbs, The Joyful Life, and in other publications. Connect with her on Instagram @elizabeth_a_berget or at elizabethberget.substack.com, where you can subscribe to her Substack, Back of the Flock.

Recent Posts

Our Lady of the Living Room Floor

Our Lady of the Living Room Floor

By Elizabeth Berget / February 8, 2024

By the low light of the baby monitor, she removes her makeup and recalls the shining successes of her friends as they gathered around the table that night: their new jobs and promotions, the annual review meetings, the conference next week in California. At the far end of the table, she’d sat silently recalling her…

lights-on love

Lights-On Love

By Elizabeth Berget / November 13, 2023

I jumped as someone pounded on my front door.  On a sleeting Tuesday morning in November, at the height of Covid isolation, we certainly weren’t expecting anyone. I cautiously opened the door and saw a teenage boy standing on my front steps. He was breathing heavily; I could tell he had been running. It took…

breastfeeding journey leading to understanding a mothering God

Love Poured Out

By Elizabeth Berget / August 7, 2023

I pace around our living room, wringing my hands, instinctively practicing the deep breathing of my labor weeks earlier—slow, sharp inhale…long, forceful exhale—in an effort to calm myself down.  Eric holds our tiny firstborn, who sucks vigorously on one of my husband’s pinkies with all the ferocity of a ravenous vacuum cleaner. Eric tentatively ventures:…