A Prayer for Breastfeeding Struggles

Breastfeeding Struggles

God, this was supposed to be easy
But it’s beyond hard.

Everything hurts.
We’re both weeping,
this baby and me.

We’ve tried everything,
asked for help,
begged and hoped and prayed.

But each day gets harder,
and my worries grow bigger.

Help me to put us both in Your loving hands,
To trust that You will care for us and comfort us,
To believe there will be ways for both of us to be fed.

Whatever changes must be made,
Help us make them with grace.
Whatever sacrifice or surrender must be given,
Let us know we are never alone.

I call upon Your nourishing love,
The help of nurses and midwives and all who care for women,
The support of so many mothers who have come before me.

Guide me as I search for wisdom.
Watch over my baby as we grow together.

Above all, let me never forget
That we are all held and fed
By Your abundant love.


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