Fill Us

god's fullness

All-present God who fills all things
beyond what they can bear
and spans the spaces in between,
now fill the empty here.

You who sustain us, give us food;
our hungry stomachs fill.
You made us and you called us good:
Now hold us in your will.

For you do not desire the death
of anything you made;
then fill our bodies with your breath
and still come to our aid.

Fill every darkened cell with light
and every shade with rest;
fill every sprirt with delight
to hear you called them blest.

Come fill us in our every need
as you fill every world
in every spinning galaxy
across the sky unfurled.

You made us hollow, hungry hearts:
Now all your mercies pour
and overflow all that we are.
Fill all of us, O Lord.

Copyright © 2022 Kate Bluett

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Kate Bluett is a poet and lyricist from north Texas, where she lives with her husband and two sons. She has written for the Porter's Gate Worship Collective as well as Paul Zach. Her work has been published by OCP. You can read more of her poetry at

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