A Prayer for Autism

A Prayer for Autism

Creator God,
Lover of diversity of all kinds, all made perfectly in your image.
Remind me daily how perfectly we were made imperfectly.

Help me.
Help me ride the tides of my son’s moods.
Help me savor the moments when his autism allows him
to be as calm as the smallest waves,
gently lapping over my feet and allowing me ease and enjoyment at how amazing he is.

Help me when the storm rages,
the waves are relentless and crash over me,
and I feel like I am drowning.
Help me when all I want is to do is run away and hide.
Help me be the calm he seeks,
to soothe his dysregulated state and protect him,
to assure him he is loved. Unconditionally.

Help me when the water is gentle again, to allow myself moments of grace and rest.
Help me to enjoy the magnificent and unique sunsets, which are like his smile on me.
Help me to walk next to him, my footprints in the sand with his.
Help me to love him both in his gifts and his limitations.
Help me to show him the power and depth of your love for him.


Copyright © 2024 Maureen C. McLaughlin

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Maureen lives in Annandale, Virginia, with her husband Brian and their two children, Jonathan, 4, and Isabelle Grace, 3. She holds a masters degree in Counseling Psychology and works as a Counselor at Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC. In her very little spare time, she enjoys baking, creating with her children, spending summer weeks at the Jersey shore, and connecting with others, especially parents of neurodiverse kiddos.

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