Prayers for Your Godchildren

prayers for godchildren

A prayer for my godson(s)

You are young. You reside in my heart, close to the others. Our relationship is unique.
My deepest obligation to you is to pray for you. I would, anyway.
I treasure the memory of your chubby arms circling around my neck and your little voice
squealing, “Godmama!!” Now you grow and your arms reach for toys or books.
I keep my prayer for you at the center of our interactions.
Godsons, you are among the sweet points in my life and your names are never far from
the whisper and stillness of my heart.

A daily prayer to remember your godchild

Lifegiving and nourishing God, bless my godchildren.
Be with them, their siblings, their parents, and those who interact with them today.
Let all who encounter this child be filled with your Spirit of peace, love, and goodness.
May those who offer a challenge do so with gentleness and an openness to peace.

A prayer on the anniversary of their baptism

Beloved godson/daughter,
grow and grow with wild abandonment and in the safety of God’s loving embrace.
May you be kind.
May you know deep love, care, and friendship.
May you come to embrace your faith and identity.
May you always know how loved you are.
You are a unique creation of God’s, are loved into being, just as you are!
May you know the miracle of your smile, laughter, tears, sadness, despair, and joy.
May you be gentle with yourself as you continue to grow and explore a life
beyond your knowing.
May God bless you, always.

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Genevieve Mougey has served in various national leadership positions during her 20+ years in Justice and Peace ministries for a variety of national Catholic and Christian organizations. In May of 2022, she was appointed as Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Wyoming.

Genevieve presents on topics around the intersections of community, the Church, and justice initiatives. She has published articles in several theological publications. In 2021, the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND awarded her The University of Mary Presidential Leadership Award. Genevieve received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Mary and a Master of Divinity from Saint John’s University in Collegeville, MN. She is a watercolor artist and 5k enthusiast.

Genevieve has four Godsons (Joseph, Owen, Danny, and Graham).

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