It’s Fine. Everything’s Fine. (Except I Lit the Fire.)

mother anger

Have you seen the meme of the dog sipping coffee amongst the flames? The one where he says “It’s fine. Everything’s fine”? Most days I am that dog, sitting calmly through the chaos. And yet, I also lit the fire. My anger frightens me. It lies dormant beneath a peaceful exterior, surprising everybody, including me,…

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Befriending An Introvert

making friends as mother

A handmade wooden sign hangs front and center in my living room with the words “we belong to each other”—a visible reminder that God created us for relationship. The snippet is from a longer quote attributed to Saint Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa): “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that…

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See What You Have Done. Know That It Is Good.

bedtime rituals with kids

He goes in to look at them. Every night before we shut the door to our bedroom and declare the day done, he goes to see the sleeping boys. Too often I play the part of the tired mother. I have been with them all day. I do not feel the need to watch again, especially now that…

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The Footwashing

what it means to wash feet on Holy Thursday

We are growing everyday in what it means to do the footwashing. A friend shared these words from Abbot John Klassen at Saint John’s Abbey, from a homily he gave on Holy Thursday a few years ago. Today these words came back to me as I thought about what we celebrate at the start of…

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what i do / who i am

being doing mother

I think a lot about vocation. I’m paid to do that, actually. Working on this practical theology project on vocation and the professions leads me – unsurprisingly – to reflect on my own vocation(s) quite often. My days flow like this, from mothering to theologizing and back again, a steady, winding stream. The baby plays,…

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