A Prayer for Breastfeeding Struggles

Breastfeeding Struggles

God, this was supposed to be easy But it’s beyond hard. Everything hurts. We’re both weeping, this baby and me. We’ve tried everything, asked for help, begged and hoped and prayed. But each day gets harder, and my worries grow bigger. Help me to put us both in Your loving hands, To trust that You…

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Reflections of a Pregnant Church

reflection pregnancy church

I can feel myself stretching. There is tension in my skin, and soreness in my breasts as they usher life in. I am enlarging the space inside of myself; This Body made up of so many parts. They were all comfortable, all had their roles; An eye as an eye and an ear as an…

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The Beauty of Motherhood Excerpt: Nourished

finding God in meals shared

Even before being discharged from the hospital following the birth of my second child, Isaac, I discovered my blood pressure increased. In the weeks leading to delivery at check-ups, the nurses had to double-check my pressure multiple times as the numbers kept getting higher and higher. I never needed additional medicine or a hospital stay,…

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Nothing but Mother

paradoxical motherhood

After birth, I am all at once at home and out of place. Every task now a luxury of time. I want to spend all day with the baby, I want to spend all day alone. This month I have done nothing but mother, my body given in service to a tiny human I just…

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Befriending An Introvert

making friends as mother

A handmade wooden sign hangs front and center in my living room with the words “we belong to each other”—a visible reminder that God created us for relationship. The snippet is from a longer quote attributed to Saint Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa): “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that…

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