A Prayer for Breastfeeding Struggles

Breastfeeding Struggles

God, this was supposed to be easy But it’s beyond hard. Everything hurts. We’re both weeping, this baby and me. We’ve tried everything, asked for help, begged and hoped and prayed. But each day gets harder, and my worries grow bigger. Help me to put us both in Your loving hands, To trust that You…

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Love Poured Out

breastfeeding journey leading to understanding a mothering God

I pace around our living room, wringing my hands, instinctively practicing the deep breathing of my labor weeks earlier—slow, sharp inhale…long, forceful exhale—in an effort to calm myself down.  Eric holds our tiny firstborn, who sucks vigorously on one of my husband’s pinkies with all the ferocity of a ravenous vacuum cleaner. Eric tentatively ventures:…

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