Prayers for Your Godchildren

prayers for godchildren

A prayer for my godson(s) You are young. You reside in my heart, close to the others. Our relationship is unique. My deepest obligation to you is to pray for you. I would, anyway. I treasure the memory of your chubby arms circling around my neck and your little voice squealing, “Godmama!!” Now you grow…

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The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Caregiving

transformation through caregiving

I am only beginning to chip away at the mystery of what a profound gift it is to be called in ways big and small, to respond to others as Jesus did.  That is not to say I am particularly good at it. Occasionally though, I catch glimpses of this grace through the bleary eyes…

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A Water Prayer

water prayer

Nourishing God, You make water spring forth from the rock. We come to you hot and thirsty. We praise You for the many ways we are refreshed, body and soul, by the gift of water. The rush of running through a sprinkler, or wading ankle-deep in a mountain stream, is a delight to the senses!…

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eat, pray, light, bless: celebrate a baptism anniversary

Our sweet babe just celebrated his first baptism anniversary. One trip around the sun, one whole year a Christian. It’s a big milestone in our family. I’ve written about baptism anniversaries here and here, too. But I always find that these days sneak under the radar, despite circling the dates on the calendar and trying…

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one year a christian

One whole trip around the sun. That’s how long he’s been a Christian. A year ago we gathered with old and new friends, family from near and far. My mother and I dressed my six-week old son in the baptismal gown that four generations of my family have worn. And a young deacon, an-almost priest we met as…

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to my son, on the eve of his baptism

Dear sweet boy, Tomorrow you’ll become a Christian. Your wriggling arms and legs will be plunged into a warm pool of water, and your lovely dark head will be slathered with oil. A candle will be lit, and a white gown will be worn. Your family and friends will gather to celebrate, and your life…

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a baptism anniversary: the third moment

One year ago today, we baptized our first child.  One, two, three plunges of a wriggling baby into the waters of new life. Not just a symbolic act, but a sacramental transformation that forever changed his relationship to us, to the Church, to God. Today I’ve been reflecting on what it means to live out…

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