Month One

“…the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”
Galatians 5:22-23

A Prayer for Love

God of love,
Our desire for a child
Was born out of love:
For you,
For each other,
And for this new life.

In these first fragile weeks,
While the child within me
Is knit together in love,
Protect us both
And guide our growth.

Help me to remember
That this is how we love:
In the body,
In mystery,
In sacred surrender
To each other.

May my life be one of love,
And may my child grow
Into all that love has waiting.

In love I pray,


© 2014 Laura Kelly Fanucci

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181 thoughts on “Month One

    1. Anita, please know that I am praying for you. I know the waiting and hoping can be so hard. I hope that you will feel God’s comfort and peace with you now and always.

    2. Please pray for me I’m 6 weeks 1 day I had a bleeding & after my scan found that there was a little blood clot but my baby’s hcg level is perfect at 10351 plz pray that God will protect me & that clot should be healed with God’s grace !!

  1. I had an ectopic December 9th 2015 me and my fiancé are now 5weeks into a new pregnancy. I ask for prayer to heal my fear and give us strength. I pray for a healthy pregnancy. All things are possible through Christ who strengths me.

    1. Jaquanna, you and your baby are in my prayers. Thank you so much for sharing your story here. I hope you will continue to find peace and strength in Christ’s presence!

    1. God is watching u and it unborn child…he wants put it trust in him and knowing that he knows ur heart desirehave to let go and put your trust in him because he knows the best outcome when you do this you see and feel the inner peace within yourself no need that you feel the presence have you got you into that spend with you now god bless you always thank always be grateful for everything

  2. Please pray for me and my baby im almost 2 weeks pregnant but im bleeding…lord i trust in you all my life..

    1. Rina, please know that you are in my prayers. Your words speak of a deep faith, and I hope you will feel God’s presence with you at this time.

      1. I struggled with infertility for many years finally I conceive with IVF please pray for me 4 weeks my beta kind of low but hoping that arise,my name is maria vasquez I struggle to carry them I need a cervical cerclage I just pray that everything will go well in this pregnant please pray for me

      2. Plz pray for me Friday will be my first doctors appointment for a blood test I will be told how far along am I and confirm my pregnancy… I trust in the Lord that this is the year,my faith has grown stronger and I know our blessing is already here in my womb and since before I have already loved him….after so many years we have been blessed…

  3. I am two weeks pregnant, and I have started implantation bleeding. In September I had a miscarriage. I need prayers for a healthy pregnancy. I have faith in GOD that this will be my miracle baby. This is in GOD’s hands, he is my protector any my savior. Please as many prayers as I can get, I just want a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

    1. Victoria, please know that you are in my prayers. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope that you will feel carried by God’s love and peace in these early weeks, for health and healing and freedom from anxiety.

      1. I just found out I was pregnant yesterday. God is good! I am overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness. Please pray for a healthy 9 months with no complications. I have had 1 miscarriage.
        Thank you and God bless you always.

          1. I had a miscarriage last January 18, 2016 and now i found out that Im pregnant..To God be the glory…Im praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby..

    1. Please pray for me am not sure how far am on am waiting on blood results as my hcg levels are only at 7 I pray my baby is ok

  4. I had a miscarriage in December and is now pregnant again please pray for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby

    1. Praying for you, Sharmaine. I know it is so hard to hope and trust after miscarriage. But I hope you will find comfort and assurance in God’s presence with you.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to write these prayers out. Pregnancy is overwhelming and often hard to come up with the words to pray. So thank you for helping me in my time of need to speak to the father, the giver of life.
    We have been trying to conceive for 6 years and have now been given this gift of pregnancy. We are over the moon. Yesterday was our first ultrasound at 6 wks 5 days and what was found was an empty gestational sac and told we are measuring only 5 weeks along. The doctor said there is no life currently, that crushed us, we were told to come back in a month to see if there is life. Well I speak life and I call this miracle out to fruition in Jesus name. Please help to cover me/ us in your prayers that this promise would come to life and life to the fullest !! Thank you again for your ministry here!!

  6. Please keep me in your prayers, I am 5 weeks pregnant with our second child. Our first child is almost 7 years old and we had no issues at all. We started trying again and got pregnant in October of 2013, lost that baby and have since had 2 more miscarriages in 2014. Now, this is our first time pregnant in 2015 and we have both decided that this is our last time. I want this baby so bad, just like I wanted my son. I’m 5 weeks and I don’t feel pregnant and it’s sort of driving me crazy. I had to get off the websites and look for sites like this. Please pray that this is a healthy, full term pregnancy and that God allows us to add to our family.

    1. Oh Katrice, you are in all of my prayers. What a journey of heartache you have known. I hope that you will know God’s presence and peace in your waiting, and freedom from your anxiety. Thank you for sharing your story here.

  7. Please pray for me I am 6wks 6days pregnant as of today. I have been going thru souch this past week with my pregnancy. On easter Sunday April 5,2015 I went to the E.R. for spotting they did test on me & an ultrasound & told me I was having a miscarriage. So I had to wait 48hrs to see of my BHCG level was decreasing so on April 7,2015 I did another BHCG result & on Wednesday April 8,2015 I got called back to the E.R. & they they told me that my level had increased to 6000 so they wanted to see was I pregnant outside my womb or in my tube so they did an ultrasound & seen the sack & the Lil peanut I was told my pregnancy was in the correct place but I was still at risk of a miscarriage. I am still bleeding but was told some women bleed during thier pregnancy. I just really need all the prayer I need at this moment for me to have a safe & healthy pregnancy.

  8. Please keep me in your prayers, as we are praying God to give us a blessed baby with his amazing grace. Thank you.

  9. Please pray for me …I am having cysts in my ovaries,… and my husband are planning to have baby ….please pray for me that i should have God filled conception and pregnency

  10. My husband and I have been going through IVF for awhile now. Today we had our blood test to see if we are pregnant. We are asking for lots of prayers today for good test results. Thank you.

  11. We just found out today we are expecting again after the lost of our last pregnancy in November 2014. Our due date is in early January. We are so blessed and god is sooo good. We love you Jesus.

  12. We just found out we are expecting again after the lost of our last pregnancy in November 2014. We are so excited and so blessed. God is so good. We love you Jesus. Please pray for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  13. I have been to many many sites, this by far is my favorite. Thank you.

    My husband and I have tried for 10 years to concieve. Was told at one point from drs we probably wouldn’t or it would be very difficult and possibly expensive. 10 years later this past December we had a little miracle arrive, but a week later had a miscarriage. Started seeing a fertility dr, was almost to the point that they thought it was a fluke, or luck. Started to let go of that dream and calling again…to then 4 months later (just 2 days ago) was blessed with another chance. Im so scared to go through another loss, but know I need to think positive and embrace and trust in God. Through all this I really gained my faith back, trust in God and his plans. I can’t help always have it in the back of my mind though, the fear.

    1. Misty, thank you so much for your kind words, and for sharing your story. I am praying hard for you and your husband and your baby, that you will know you are in God’s hands and that you will be able to trust God’s love even in this time of hope and fear. And that you will know peace for whatever comes.

  14. Acceptance was the hardest part. Once that was in place, my faith and everything else fell into place. I appreciate the prayers. Thank you so much.

  15. The joy of after 4 years of trying, I have finally been blessed with my mirical. It sometimes just feels to good to be true. I know I should keep positive and take things easy. I just ask if you can pray for me in my time of need. I suffer from bad anxiety and everyday I’m fearful. I really want a healthy pregnancy and delivery, maybe I’m just thinkin to much. I feel this is the only way I should share my thoughts and the best place to let my voice be heard. Thank you

    1. Afia, I am so happy to hear of your joy after such a long journey. I will keep you in my prayers for peace of mind and freedom from anxiety as you seek to trust in God through your pregnancy.

      1. Thank you dearly from the bottom of my heart. To know that I am in your prayers means a lot. And I will forever be greatful Laura.

  16. I just took a pregnancy test and its a big fat positive. Please pray for me and my baby. I had a miscarriage in December 2014, I’m still having a hard time dealing with the loss. It has been a tough road for me. I trust God and his plan for me. please pray for us.

    1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news, Veronica. I know it is so hard to trust, and pregnancy after loss can be difficult. But I pray that you will know peace and comfort in God’s love, too.

  17. I have been married for sometime now and been hoping on the LORD to get pregnant.please I would love for you to put me in ur prayers..thanks

    1. Clementine, please know that you will be in my prayers. I know that it is so hard to wait. I hope you will have peace as you look ahead.

  18. I need prayer please as i was told that my hcg beta levels are falling and i might loose the baby. I’m about two months and i know God has his way of answering prayers but having other pray with you and for you will help me with keeping my faith. I still feel like i’m still with child and God know I would like this child. Please pray for my family and my unborn child, when man says no God says yes. many thanks God Bless

    1. Sophia, please know that you have been in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your story and your faith here. I hope that you will know God’s peace and hope in all things.

  19. I found out a few days ago that I am 4-6 weeks pregnant. I’ve been pretty nervous and trying not to stress about having a miscarriage but ever since I’ve been told that I very well could have one, I’m having a really hard time not thinking about it. I know stress can cause a miscarriage, so please pray for me to have comfort and peace. Also, please pray that I will not have a miscarriage but a very healthy pregnancy for my baby and myself. Thank you and God Bless you.

    1. Praying for you, Kayla. I hope that peace of mind and comfort in body and soul will be yours, and that you will know you are surrounded by God’s love each step of the way. Thank you for stopping here.

  20. Hi all.
    First of all, thank you for the inspiration and very beautiful prayers for pregnancy. I’m so willing to be pregnant this year and I hope this is it! Please pray for me.

    In Jesus’ name.


  21. Hi All,
    I will be 6 weeks on Monday, and feel beyond blessed I am pregnant after 12 years of trying. My Hcg levels are rising but not as fast as the Dr. would like to see. We have our first ultrasound on Monday morning. PLEASE pray for me and my baby that everything is ok, and take away this terrible anxiety and fear that is taking over my body. I pray this in Jesus name, please answer my prayers, lord.

    1. Dear Chelsea, please know that you are in my prayers. I hope that you will find peace in God’s comfort and freedom from anxiety.

  22. Hello everyone, after years of not being able to get pregnant we conceived and the day I found out my pregnancy results I have been spotting. So far being almost 7 weeks pregnant I had two emergency scares with my doctor. My hormone levels are low and currently getting treatment. Tomorrow I go to doctor and he will tell me if no heart beat still its most likely a MC. I’m scared worried nervous I’m afraid this is the last time I may be able to conceive naturally. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for a strong heartbeat tomorrow and the bleeding to stop. God bless. Thank lord Jesus chris.

    1. Kay, you continue to be in my prayers. I am grateful that you shared your story here and allowed me to hold you and your baby in prayer. Peace & hope coming your way.

  23. I am 6 weeks pregnant my husband and I have been trying for two years. God has finally blessed us, but my fears and worries consume me. Please pray that we stay positive and are able to go full term with little or no complications.

    1. Nellie, you and your husband and your baby are in my prayers! I hope that you will know God’s love and comfort as you try to wait in hope. Thank you for stopping here.

  24. We had a miscarriage Dec/Jan we just found out we have been blessed and now pregnant again. It’s been a tough road and we have fear. We also have faith, the Lord delivers his promises. Please pray for us,a healthy and happy 9 months, pray this is our miracle rainbow take home baby. Thank you all. God bless.

    1. Praying for you and your baby, Veronica! I know that it is so hard to hope after miscarriage. But I pray that you will know God’s peace and love with you and your child, today and always. Thank you for sharing your story.

  25. I’m 43 years old and just found out Im 5 wks pregnant with my first child. Im spotting and terrified to have a mc. Please pray for me that Im able to go through a full term and deliver a healthy baby. Thank you

    1. Praying hard for you, Ellie! I hope that you will have peace and hope on your journey, and that God will free you from your fears as you look to what will come for you and your child! Thank you for sharing your prayer here.

  26. Ive have had two miscarriages and now I’m pregnant again I went to see the doc today they said everything is good . I just hope everything is I’ve been really scared about losing another baby its so heart breaking
    I’ve been praying everyday I just want a little bundle of joy
    And it is a blessing to be pregnant again .
    Please send your prayers

    1. Praying for you and your baby, Brittany. I know that it is so hard to trust and hope after loss. I pray that you will know God’s love and assurance with you, right where you are today.

  27. I just found out I’m expecting, and my Hcg levels are only 39 and Im in my stages of early pregnancy I just want a baby of my own. I have been raising my nephew as mine. Please help me to have a complication free pregnancy. I want this baby so bad, this is my blessing! God only you know, and I thought all this time I couldn’t have kids.
    Please pray for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hi,

    We have tried to conceive for 1year, and now with GOD’s garce I’m 6 weeks pregnant now.
    Since this is my first pregnancy, I’m very nervous. Please pray for us..


  29. Please pray for us: I’m pregnant w/ my first – Just over 6 weeks. Had a dating scan last Friday and all that was observed was an empty gestational sac. I have a follow-up tomorrow, which may be too early, but I pray that we see the baby tomorrow. I fully trust in God and I am confident that we will have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. I am anxious admittedly and have been on those fear-inducing websites for too long. They invoke too much negativity. This site is a breath of fresh air! Please pray that we see the baby tomorrow. Thank you.

    1. Praying for you, Delia! I know there can be so much fear and anxiety, especially when you start searching for answers. But I pray that you will know God’s love and peace as you wait in hope.


  31. Hi, please pray for me to have a miracle to have a chance to get pregnant again..i keep praying to our God if the miracle comes again hope it will stay until the full term of pregnancy. I have miscarriages four times, i can’t take any heart broken.

    1. Oh Cristina, I am so sorry to hear of your losses. Please know that you are in my prayers. I hope that you will know God’s love and healing touch, now and always.

  32. Praying for all the mommies going through difficult times, I ask for your prayers as well. I’m 9 weeks pregnant and have been bleeding and cramping babies heart is low. I love my child so much I pray everyday! Thank you! God bless!

      1. Thank you for your prayers I know need prayers to give me strength. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage yesterday. Please pray for me. Thank you

  33. I love the prayers on your site. They are so encouraging and guides us to pray. Pls, pray with me. I’m 7 weeks pregnant and an abdominal Ultrasound scan showed a gestational sac but no embryo. I’m so worried and in tears. I don’t want to loss my baby. I already had a miscarriage in March 2015 and since then this is the next baby God is giving me. I’m afraid and worried. I pray my next scan reveals a viable pregnancy and baby’s heartbeat. Amen

    1. Praying for you! I hope that you will have peace of mind and comfort soon. Thank you for your kind words. God bless you.

  34. Please pray for me. I just found out that I am pregnant again after having a ectopic pregnancy in August. I ask for prayer for a healthy pregnancy, heal my mind and body. Also my fears of suffering another ectopic. Thank you and God bless!

    1. Praying for you, Keshia! I hope that you will have peace of mind and freedom from fear soon. Thank you for sharing your story.

  35. Thank you for this beautiful prayer. Please pray for my fiancé, my baby and myself. We pray for a healthy, full-term pregnancy. We pray to cast away any fear or anxiety. We pray that God may bless this pregnant and my womb to bring this baby forth in His perfect timing. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Kylee. I will keep you, your fiance, and baby in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your faith and prayer here!

  36. Praying for you and your wife! I am so sorry to hear of your previous losses and I hope that you will have hopeful news soon. Peace & prayers your way.

  37. My best friend is pregnant, she miscarried the first time her and her fiance found out. She is five weeks along and your prayers are going to be the foundation on this journey for her. Thank you for your words.

  38. Please pray for a healthy pregnancy for my fiance as we just got through a miscarriage in September we need all the prayers we can get. Thanks

  39. I feel for those who have lost as me and my fiance had a miscarriage like 2 months ago. And we just recently found out that we are pregnant again so she is worried cause she is cramping I can only hope that it is normal I pray for everyone who has went or is going through the same thing. We can really use everyone’s prayer right now and I will continue to pray for you guys as well. To those who have found out and it’s your first time congratulations best wishes.

    1. Praying for you, your fiance, and your baby, Andrew. Thank you so much for sharing your story here. I hope that you will have peace of mind soon.

  40. I am 7 weeks pregnant and going to my appointment today to see the heartbeat. I have had really bad anxiety this pregnancy due to a miscarriage last year and not being able to get pregnant since. Please god keep my baby healthy and growing and keep me in your prayers,

    1. Praying for you, Nicole. I hope that you will find peace from your anxiety soon. I know it is such a hard burden to bear.

  41. Please keep me and my baby in your prayers. It would help ease my anxiety. I just found out I am pregnant, about 4 weeks. I have a one year old son who was born prematurely and I had a miscarriage this past July. I’m scared of having another miscarriage and scared also of preterm labor. I just need help reducing my anxiety. Thanks so much.

    1. Praying for you and your baby, Adrian! You must have so much on your mind and heart. I hope that God will free you from your anxiety and fear, and that you will have a healthy pregnancy ahead.

  42. You are in our prayers that you have peace me and my fiance went through the same thing and worry is not going to help stay strong and trust in God

  43. I’m 4 weeks 4 days pregnant with twins IVF. Was trying to get pregnant for the last 3,5 years. Had 4 miscarriages and 1 ectopic. This is our miracle baby with IVF. I’m beyond happy but worried. Please pray for my baby. Thanks.

  44. I just found out I was pregnant after miscarrying a few months ago. I have faith in God that everything will go well. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks for sharing your beautiful prayers. Praying for all the mom’s to be.

    God Bless everyone!!!

  45. Me & my Fiancé just found out we are expecting, I’m 6 weeks please pray for a healthy pregnancy. We consider this a blessing from God.

  46. Hi Ladies, I trust that you are well. Rina, thank you for your prayers! I need a special prayer for today. I am nearly 10 weeks pregnant and with the previous two ultrasounds, we couldn’t detect a heartbeat. My HCG levels were dropping last week and I was expected to miscarry during the course of last week and the weekend but I didn’t, and I am fine physically. Today we are going in for a second opinion to help detect a heartbeat and see if the baby has grown or whether or not it’s is deceased! I am requesting special prayers for a healthy heartbeat and a growing baby. I had a miscarriage in August. My very first pregnancy with my daughter was also written off as a miscarriage, but she is here with us, a bubbly budding three year old! Will you please pray for my family and I. To the other ladies that are going through uncertainty and bleeding, I will be praying for you as well and holding on to hope and faith because God is Great!!!!

  47. I am at five weeks and five days. I have had one previous miscarriage and have been trying for over year to get pregnant again. I am very nervous. I would love to have many prayers. I am going in two weeks to hear the heartbeat. Please keep me in your prayers!! God is so good. “4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4-7

    1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful Scripture passage, Emily – it is one of my favorites, too. I will continue to hold you in prayer!

  48. Please pray for me. I am 5weeks and 4days. I am nervous. It’s my second pregnancy. My daughter is 5 and has been praying and begging for a sibling. Tonight at work I had some brown spotting and slight cramping. It was probably because all the walking I was doing. It was my first night at work for the week. I am an ER nurse and always on the go. Please pray for God’s will for my family.

  49. Hi, my name is feyisara. Please, i want you to pray for me. I had a child sometimes ago that had downs syndrome but he died 3months ago(he was a year nine month). I am 7-8wks preg. Am so scared coz i don’t want a re-occurrence. I want a great and healthy baby in Jesus name

    1. Praying for you, Feyisara. I am so sorry to hear about your loss, and I will keep you in my prayers as you hope for blessings to come. Peace be with you.

  50. I’m not usually one to ask for prayer but as I embark on a third pregnancy after 2 miscarriages, I am inviting any and all positive energy toward a successful and healthy birth. We have been trying for 2 years and am now 4 weeks along and the anxiety and worry is a lot to handle everyday. I have to believe in the possibility of my own little miracle. Thank you!

    1. Praying for you, Shayna. I know there is so much anxiety after loss, and I will hold your hopes close to my heart. Thank you for reminding me to believe in miracles!

  51. Please pray for me my pregnancy hcg levels is really low its 4.3 i need it to be really high when I go to the doctor Monday

  52. Please pray for me, I am a little over 4 weeks maybe near 5. I have been having some slight cramping and I went for a Ultrasound they said they didnt see anything but that it was just to early to see a baby. Please pray for me and my baby, We have been trying for 7months now and got the positive results a little over a week ago. I just pray my baby is healthy and Go helps me carry full term.

  53. After two years of being in God’s waiting room, I am finally pregnant. God is Faithful. God is Merciful. God answers prayers. Join me in giving thanks to Abba Father. My womb is carrying a beautiful baby girl. Praise The Lord!

  54. Please pray for us. I didn’t know that I was pregnant when I had Dynastat. Now, we are still waiting if my baby will continue in developing. I trust God for his word Isaiah 44:24. Thank you. I am also praying for everyone to have a healthy baby. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  55. I am 5 weeks pregnant. My husband and I our very excited for our little blessing. My mother is unhappy with our pregnancy, because my sisters wedding is out of state and we most likely can not travel out of state when I am 4 days away from my due date. I am experiencing light bleeding now nurse says to keep an eye on it. Praying noting happens to our baby. May our beautiful baby be born healthy with no complication!

    1. Praying for you and your baby, Courtney! I know it is hard when new life complicates other plans, but I hope your family will be able to find a peaceful solution soon.

  56. Please pray for me I am trying for baby and I have PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome and hard get pregnant when you have PCOS but GOD is my doctor he know the truth when I able get pregnant. Everytime I pray to GOD to open womb and help me conceive and after I pray u have weird feelings in my body at night after I pray. I had dream that God told I was pregnant and wonder if come true. Just pray for me. First baby I had see pass away that was in 2006 and now this second time trying been 10 years since I tried again wow years going by fast. Just pray for me god give sign and have faith to get pregnant. Let me go full term.

  57. Hello, I can’t believe I’m pregnant! After a few years of incertain cause infertility, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and a few days before surgery, my little miracle has happened. Without surgery or treatment or anything! Please pray for me. Pray for a quiet and calm pregnancy and a health baby. I’m already praying for you girls! Thank you!

  58. I am 6 weeks pregnant and my hcg levels have dropped . Doctor wants to see me Thursday for an ultrasound . I am super worried and spend so many hours googling all the possible negative effects. Please pray for my anxiety and to have faith in God. I know it’s in His will it’s just hard. Can’t believe I love something and want something this much. Pray for strength

  59. I just found out yesterday I am pregnant, 2 weeks. I had a miscarriage last year. I pray that this baby will grow healthy and to full term. I pray that God will relive me of worry and to have complete faith that if this is what is his will, it will be. I am so grateful to God for all my blessings.

  60. First, I would like to thank you for these beautiful prayers. They are just what I needed. My husband and I are 5 weeks pregnant after 2 early miscarriages and we are praying for a healthy baby. Please keep us in your prayers. I ask specifically for peace and the ability to place my fears and worries with my God. He is in control.

    Second, I would like to pray for all of the women who have experienced miscarriage or infertility. May God give you hope, peace, and strength. May God bless you all.

  61. Am 9weeks pregnant and its my third child. I feel extremely weak and finding it difficult taking care of my two older kids who are 4and2. I need Gods strength to carry on and take care of my kids. I feel so sad

  62. Please pray for me. I’m 4 weeks pregnant now and I’ve experienced miscarriage last August 8, 2015. Early this morning I’ve seen reddish spotting from my underwear. I’m so afraid. I dont know what to do my doctor is not available, there’s no clinic now coz its good friday. Please pray for me. I feel so emotional and so scared of loosing the baby again.

  63. Please keep us in your prayers. We lost our son one year ago in March at 26 weeks pregnant. I just found out I am pregnant but my progestone levels are low. We cannot grieve another child again. If my levels don’t go up I will lose the pregnancy. Please pray for us and a elevated hormone levels.

  64. Granddaughter is about two weeks pregnant and am thrilled beyond belief. Sent her your site with the beautiful monthly prayers….from an excited great-grandma to be!

  65. So here it is,

    My beautiful fiancée is 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant today. In the past 4 years we’ve had 3 miscarriages (2 natural and 1 IVF) and 4 failed IVFs and had all but given up hope till 2 days ago when we got a surprise positive on a digital home pregnancy test.

    Unfortunately my relationship with the man above has taken a battering over these years and as such I need the help of anyone who reads this to please say a quick prayer on our behalf, because if there is a god out there I would feel like a fraud asking for his help.

    My fiancée is 44 and I’m 38 so I feel we’re fighting against the odds on this one as I was in the exact same position this very time last year and seen it all crumble down for a third time.

    She has faith, but I’m struggling to keep positive although I don’t tell her that. It’s such a shame I can’t feel happy right now given past experiences but I’m praying like I never have so if anyone’s out there, please join in if you can.

    Thanks in advance and God bless you.

    1. So sorry for all your trials… I’ve been through similar circumstances. I am 40 this month with an adopted 16 year old son and a biological 11 month old and I am currently pregnant but having some complications. My faith has been tested over and over and at times I’ve faltered, today I can say God can move mountains. Be strong. Praying for you. Gods plan and God’s timing is perfect. Even if we doubt him. Praying for your faith your relationship and your baby.

  66. Please pray for me this is my second pregnancy in 15 years..first when i was 19 had a stillbirth at 8 months and now im 34 hitting 35 i just found out i am pregnant at 5 over weeks..did two ultrasounds and they could not detect anything…im going in for my 3rd ultrasound tomorrow which hopefully they can see a gestational sac…I have been worried over this past week..I keep getting paranoid to check if i have any spotting…Its not easy for me to get pregnant and i really want a healthy child a child to call my own….a little one that i will love and adore…to see them grow into see them to school..their every mile stone hit… i really want to have a good and healthy pregnancy but hauntings of the past makes me scared please pray for me

    1. May God be with you and may faith faith be stronger through trial and tribulation. Blessings to you and your baby.

  67. HI Laura I wrote a book titled God’s secret code in the womb which highlights the 9months of pregnancy synchronizing with the 9 gifts of the spirit. I am so glad someone else also has a revelation on that from God. May God bless you . I want to ask if I may have the permission to include your monthly prayers in the second revision of my book. Right now I am self publishing it although of course I would look for professional publishers.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for your interest in these prayers. I am not granting permission for them to be reprinted anywhere else because I hope to publish them myself soon. But I appreciate your interest and wish you the best of luck with your important work.

  68. I am pregnant with my second miracle baby and I am so afraid of losing my child. I have not yet seen a heart beat only a sac and yolk. I was thought to be six weeks and ultrasound says four weeks. Help me lord to have faith in your great miracles. Give me peace in my mind and body to know you would not give me a life just to take it away. Bless our unborn baby and or family. Blues this pregnancy. In Christs name… Amen

  69. Please pray for me, i had a stillbirth at 28 weeks on January 2015. I’m 5 weeks pregnant now and i’m terrified but i have faith in God this time everything is going to be fine. All i want is a healthy living child.

    1. I love my God with all my heart am one month and pregnant and by 4th day I had a little bleeding God only knows I want this baby so much..pls help prayer for me.

  70. Hi,
    I am five weeks pregnant and have some blood spotting. I’m scared because last month I miscarriaged. My husband and I are trying for our first child. Please pray for me, my husband and the new life growing in me. Please pray that this pregnancy will go full term and that it is a healthy and happy pregnancy.

    Thank you

  71. I have had two miscarriages (6/24/15 & 5/6/16) I just found out I am pregnant again and I am terrified. I just don’t know how to feel. Please pray for my husband, mt son and I. Also, please pray that this pregnancy goes full term.

    Thank you

  72. I have recently found out I am pregnant again after 2 miscarriages last year. This is a difficult and anxious time. Please pray for us.

  73. Hello my name is Lizzette. I took a pregnancy test last week and as of this week I should be about 5 weeks pregnant. I have an amazing 14 year old son that I thank our Lord all the time for blessings us with him. I am asking to please be kept in your prayers.I have had 2 miscarriages and it has broken all of our hearts specially my son’s. I had to leave my job because I started getting very bad anxiety and was given meds for it. Getting pregnant was very unexpected because I thought my endometriosis came back. We are extremely happy but I am very nervous. I’m beyond scared of losing this baby. I really desire it. I know God has his plans but until I pass this 1st trimester I’m a nervous wreck. I want to be able to be calm and have a healthy pregnancy and baby. I try to take it easy. I am considered high risk because I have very high blood pressure even though thanks to God it is under control. I’m glad I found this stuff
    Site. It is BEAUTIFUL . Thank you in advance for keeping us in your prayers.

  74. Hi my name is shakuntala jhony am 7 week pregnant yesterday went to doctor and took the scan but doctor couldn’t see the heartbeat of the child and doctor asked us to come after 15 days to check the heart beat of the child so pls pray for my child and me that heart beat should start everything I believe in jesus christ. I dint have baby for two years after two years Lord has answered my prayers sure he will never let me go down. . Thank you

    1. For nothing is impossible with God. May God’s presence be in that room as the doctor examine you and make the baby so excited that the doctor will be shocked of such a strong heartbeat from such a beautiful small angel.

  75. Me and my fiance will pray for you mimi as we are having our first child and have been through hell to get to where we are at the Lord always knows when the best time is and like you our faith has gotten stronger

  76. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 years. We conceived our daughter easily, the first time, so we never expected to experience infertility. In January we started to see a physician at a fertility clinic and with their help, we conceived. In March we found out that the pregnancy was ectopic and after several very scary weeks, it was determined it was cervical and surgery could not be done. I underwent two methotrexate treatments. The three month wait after the treatments was almost unbearable, time ticked by so slowly. Once we were given medical clearance to try again, we immediately arranged to have an IUI. We have now had 2 unsuccessful IUI treatments. Before undergoing this third IUI the doctors advised me that they don’t usually recommend more than three because the success rate decreases. Today I went for my first beta test. I received a call this afternoon from the clinic that my test was positive, however my hormone level is extremely low. The nurse advised me to “treat it like a pregnancy” but “not to get too excited”. Because the hormone levels are low, she indicated that it may not be a viable pregnancy and may miscarry in the weeks to come. My concern grew and I asked the question, the answer was “yes, it could be another ectopic”. I ask for prayer, prayer to breath life into my womb, this baby, for healthy growth and healing. I ask for prayer to ease my own anxiety and strengthen my belief that His will, will be done. I’m scared to experience another ectopic, I’m scared to face a miscarriage, and i’m scared to face medical complications. I lift up this baby to the Lord and ask for Faith that it is all in His hands.

  77. Please pray for me. I am 4 weeks and 2 days. I conceived through IVF due to damage to my tubes from a childhood surgery. I’ve loved this child from before he/she was conceived and am struggling with my fears. I try to trust but sometimes I forget. Please pray that my baby stays healthy and strong and joins our world and that throughout my journey my faith is strengthened.

  78. Please pray for my wife who is 6 weeks pregnant with our second child. Please pray that her pregnancy is successful be for our growing family. Thank you!

  79. Hi. My wife is pregnant with our 2nd child. Her first u/s didn’t go so well. At 10 weeks LMP, gestational sac only measured 6 weeks. Yolk sac present, no fetal pole, no heart beat. Miscarriage is very likely but I pray that God’s Grace and Blessing will change the outcome for the better. We leave everything in God’s Loving Hands. Only the omniscient one knows what is best. Please pray for us as we remain hopeful that all of our prayers will be answered. We also pray for all who have worries in their hearts. Let us not lose hope. God is good… and all the time. Thank you.

  80. I pray for all of you in thanks, so many faithful women & kind words. I trust the Lord with all of my heart and I believe God will bless my family at the perfect time but I ask for prayers of protection from fear and anxiety. I had my first pregnancy and miscarriage after two+ years of trying this past month. It sadly ended in a miscarriage the same day I found out I was pregnant, on Thanksgiving. Now, just weeks after the miscarriage, I had my second positive pregnancy test!! I believe in God’s miracles! And the power of prayer. I had very light spotting and I am praying that this pregnancy is the one that brings our healthy, beautiful child home into our hopeful arms. Thank you for your prayers. I am struggling with accepting this gift as true. I pray for peace and joy, not doubt and worry. Bless you all!

  81. 2 weeks ago my pregnancy was confirmed. Yesterday I had an initial ultrasound and the baby is measuring 7 weeks 2 days but no heartbeat was detected. Today I had a 2nd ultrasound and again no heartbeat detected. I’ve read this is not uncommon and I’m trying not to get full of anxiety from what I read and what the doctor says. I know GOD has the ultimate plan.

    Our kids are 12 and 3 and we’ve been trying for two years. I know it’s in God’s hand and I’m not giving up hope. Please pray for us.

  82. Please say a prayer for me I recently had a miscarriage and AM currently pregnant again and am expierencing bleeding again. I just pray everything is ok. Please pray for me. Thank you and god bless.

  83. Please pray for me
    An going thru hell right now, I have the fellings that am pregnant but when ever I went for test in the hospital it’s always negative when I ask those who have experienced more than I do told me that all the pain am going thru are the sign of pregnancy that it can be the child is hidden my fear now is that if the baby didn’t come out its won’t grow the way it should am very srced and worry Pls put me in ur prayers so that by the end of this month I will get a good news from the hospital thank and GOd blessed

  84. Please pray for me and my baby. I am 4 week 5 days. My husband and I had a hard journey to get preganant. I pray my levels continue to rise.

    Thank you!

    1. I will be praying for you Christina..God does miracles and I know its been almost two months; but i will continue to pray for you

  85. Please pray for me. I have been trying to get pregnant since last july with no luck. I had a miscairrage in november and i am currently pregnant with very very very low levels of hcg. I just started spotting. Please pray for me. I do not want to lose my baby.

  86. My name is Adebayo olajumoke pls I need help, pray for me every time I do have miscarriages for pass a year and 3month now. I was so disturb because I don’t want to loose this pregnancy again the lord had given me another one.

  87. Please pray for me and baby I’m pregnant for 4weeks.. Our first baby had heart defects and in 7 months died in 2015.. please pray for my baby be healthy and strong… Thank you.
    God bless all

  88. Hi my name is zepherina, I am just over 5 weeks pregnant. Please pray for me as I am worried due to having a miscarriage a few months ago, I have faith and believe our time has come and extra prayers would really be good. Many thanks and god bless

  89. Hi Laura
    Please pray for me , my period is late and my fience and I have trying for three years now. I’ve been drinking and smoking with friends casually. Please pray that if I conceived God will reveal it and nurture my pregnancy… please thank you

  90. Please pray for my husband and I we had two grade A embroys tranfer I’m in the tww after ivf treatment my husband has no children and he is desperately hoping to become a father one day this man is such a wonderful loving caring person if anyone deserves a child it is him

  91. Hi Laura. As I was pregnant with my first, I confided in your website and it has been so helpful to find this community. We just found out I am pregnant, maybe only a week or so. I have been having mild cramps and waves of nausea which makes me nervous to loose this baby. Please pray for my mind against fear and anxiety and to protect the baby!
    Thank you again!

  92. Please pray for me. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant had my second HCG test today and hoping for doubling. I had two miscarriages last year one in may and the other in November. We are praying praying and hoping everything will be ok. May God help me through these fragile weeks.


  93. Laura can you pray for my 3 beautiful friends n my mom n dad
    1. One just lost one of her twin baby, but is fear of other one
    2. One just lost her smile with love that was before
    3. One is afraid to lose these 2

    n my mom n dad
    are afraid of my life
    I never pray for myself, but i want you to pray for them

  94. Today I received a call from my doctor and my pregnancy test is positive. My beta HCG was 644
    I heart is full of gratitude to God. I love your prayers and I will keep on them through this experience.
    Thank you for supporting mothers


  95. Please Pray for me To have a healthy baby A healthy pregnancy And all goes well I have an appointment next Friday and April 11th I need prayers please I’m super excited Amd hoping for the best

  96. Please pray for my daughter. 3 miscarriages, one 2/12 yo daughter (thank God!) but she has a blood clotting disorder which causes miscarriages. She and her husband have an appointment for vaginal ultrasound today. 6 weeks along. We want a healthy heartbeat and hcg levels. I AM PRAYING FOR ALL parents in this situation worldover.

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