Month Eight

“…the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”
Galatians 5:22-23

month 8A Prayer for Gentleness

God of gentleness,
Help me to be gentle with myself
As I carry this child.
Let me tread lightly on my emotions,
My worries and fears
About birth and motherhood,
Knowing that you prepare me
To do this work.

When the days grow long
And the nights grow restless,
Remind me to care for myself
As I will care for my child:
With gentleness, love,
And compassion.

As my body begins to practice
To birth my baby,
Guide me through each contraction
With the peace of your presence,
Softly opening my heart and mind.

In gentleness I pray,


© 2014 Laura Kelly Fanucci

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15 thoughts on “Month Eight

  1. Im 44 years old and just got married which i never taught it will still happen in my life.lird i been wanting to have a baby for so long.please helo us to conceive.please make my womb fruitful and bless me and my husband a baby.i knew nothing is impossible with . Just say the word god and i know i will get pregnant .just touch my wimb and it will be jesus name.amen

    1. Praying hard for you and the desires of your heart, Veronica. Thank you for sharing your story here so we can all lift you in prayer.

  2. Please pray for my baby. This is my second pregnancy, my first ended in miscarriage. Every day has been terrifying and as I near the end I am getting so much anxiety and fear.

    1. Praying hard for you, Veronica. I hope that you will find freedom from your fear and anxiety. May God’s peace surround you in the last months as you await your child.

  3. Thanks for this i have been lifted and now i pray for this baby everyday till when God decides the arrival date.

  4. My daughter in law is in her 33 weeks of pregnancy; however, she’s been very ill from the beginning and needed to stay in bed all these months. Her uterus has contracted and she’s on medication. We all are afraid for her and her baby. We need as many prayers as we can for her and her baby be normal and healthy and that her can get strong to raise her baby.

  5. Pray for my pregnancy to be with peace and no stress. Pray that my child will be born heathy. My husbands family disowned us and never wanted to give us their blessings. The minute the found out the news it got worse. I cry everyday wondering why? Pray that I won’t feel like this anymore. Thank you.

  6. My dear wife Tumuheise Claire is 33 weeks pregnant. we are praying for a baby girl and safe delivery. She is 32 years old giving birth the forth time. She is always operated and its never easy and costly so our prayer is to ask God to take lead and fight our financial battles and safe delivery in Jesus name.

    God we continue to pray for the shield of your salvation and your right hand to be by our side to lift us and your Glory be manifested in our family in Jesus name.

  7. Please pray for my daughter Louanne that the baby turns into position and she will have a safe delivery and healthy baby. In Jesus name. Amen

  8. please pray for me so i will not be oparated durring delivery,that i will deliver safely without any complications in Jesus name.Amen

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