The Complete E-Books

To get the complete collection of prayers for pregnancy and birth preparation, check out these two brand-new e-books:

This new e-book of Prayers for Pregnancy includes:

  • prayers for each month of pregnancy
  • blessings for first-time moms, moms of many kids, and mothers of multiples
  • special prayers for trying to conceive, facing unexpected complications, and calming anxiety during pregnancy
  • Scripture verses for pregnancy to guide prayer and reflection

All this for only $4.99 when you click here, delivered instantly to your phone, device, or computer!

Mothering Spirit has been the top site for prayers for pregnancy for years. Now you can get all the prayers together – plus lots of brand-new additions – in one beautiful e-book.

The perfect companion for 9 months of pregnancy!

Then for your birth preparation…

This beautiful e-book of Prayers for Birth includes:

  • prayers for before, during, and after birth – to guide moms through preparation, labor, and recovery
  • Scripture passages on birth for prayer and reflection
  • creative and practical ideas to prepare spiritually for what each stage of birth brings
  • a special set of printable verses for labor

Click here to get all this for only $4.99!

OR you can get the best deal: both books for one low price of $7.99. Prayers for Pregnancy and Prayers for Birth are available together here in a special combo set.

The perfect companion for pregnancy and birth.

You can also gift these e-books to friends or family. (Instructions can be found here:  when purchasing, click the gift box icon on the email address line to enter someone else’s email and send with a gift message.)

A perfect baby shower gift! 

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