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Whether you’re announcing the big news, dealing with morning sickness, choosing a name, feeling baby’s first kickswaiting for your child to arrive, or praying for a loved one who is expecting or laboring – you’ve found the perfect site for prayers for pregnancy!

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424 thoughts on “prayers for pregnancy

  1. Please Lord I am 14 weeks pregnant and feeling anxiety everyday. Ive had a miscarriage before so I am very nervous. I ask for your prayers for me. Please Jesus take away this fear and negativity. Fill my heart with happiness and joy. I want to be at peace with this pregnancy. Amen.

      1. please pray for me as well… i a, very scared my next cycle of period is next week hope i can hear good news

        i want to get pregnant all mothers please pray for me

          1. God will surely bless you with the fruit of the womb just like how he bless sarah,elizebeth and all the women of God ,he will surely give it to you when the time has come

      2. Hi, Laura! I am now 35weeks pregnant with my first baby (baby girl! and yes, almost there!). Which I am very much excited (but scared at the same time) about. However, I keep experiencing anxiety (or I think it is depression). There are days that I feel so down that no amount of praying, reading the bible, or thinking of happy thoughts can alter my mood. Late at night, when my husband is asleep, I get up, go to a different room and cry quietly. I get to a point that I hurt myself (but I never hit my belly, never a body part near my belly) so that I can cry some more just to release some of the deep sadness that I feel. I even get to a point of thinking that once I bear my child… I’ll end my life (scary but that thought crosses my mind). Not a member of my family knows about this, my husband does but I don’t think there is anything he can do to prod me out of this darkness that I am in. Before I got pregnant, I am already experiencing days like this. I regularly visit my OB for prenatal checkups but I never raise this concern to her thinking she’ll think I am crazy. I feel ashamed to put it out in the open. And posting this comment took a lot of my courage.
        Knowing that there are other women whose experiencing anxiety and tries their best to cope gives me hope. I just always pray that I’ll get through this before I give birth to my precious daughter. Thanks for taking the time reading this. And thanks in advance for those who will pray for me.

        1. Allie, I am so grateful that we were able to connect via email today, and that you will be talking with your doctor to get the help you need. Depression during pregnancy is real and serious, but no woman has to suffer alone. So many have gone through this and found the help they need, whether from their doctor, therapist, support group, etc. For anyone else carrying this same burden, please tell your medical professional how you feel, because your mental health is of the utmost importance for you and your baby. If your doctor doesn’t listen to you, tell someone else. Someone WILL hear you. And they can help you get the help you need. Jenny’s Light is an amazing collection of resources for depression during and after pregnancy: check out their support groups and therapists listed here. You are not alone, and so many of us who have experienced this suffering are praying for you!

          1. Please pray for us, next week cycle for my wife starts pray for us so that my wife will conceive this time.

            Justin and Catherine

          2. my first pregnancy was ectopic,left tube removed after 1 year i am pregnant again ,sac has not seen in scan.Please pray for me for a healthy baby………….

          1. I pray that we all be able to concieve and have healthy babies,In Jesus great name

      3. Please let it be no period for me this months please god I’m praying that I have a beautiful baby in my womb let me be pregnant father god everybody please pray for me to conceive in the name of Jesus Christ

      4. Please pray for me and my family. I am expecting baby #4 and csection #4. I’m so nervous about the outcome.

      5. Laura, I am 32 and still waiting to be pregnant. No medical issues though and I am healthy to bear a baby. But no success as yet. Please pray for me for experience pregnancy and motherhood soon.

    1. I humbly and graciously ask for prayers for my baby and I – a healthy, safe and joyous pregnancy. Please pray for the fear of miscarriage to be cast from my heart and mind. Please pray for the Lord to embrace myself and baby in his loving, protective arms and bring my baby forth in his perfect time – all in His glory. Thank you. May God bless and make you fruitful.

      1. Praying for you and baby, Kylee! Your words are beautiful and full of faith. Thank you for sharing them here.

        1. Dear laura as i looked for a prayer i stopped and read this comments. Please include me with your prayers. I knoe how prayers are so powerful yet my anxiety attacks and i couldnt help it. I had 2 miscarriages before and now im with the ivf. 2 weeks from now we will know the result. I pray that god will give us a baby though his instrument.
          Thank u in advance

    2. please lord i am nearly 19 weeks pregnant and i pray u will take away this anxiety and panic attacks that i am going through and fill me heart and mind with positive energy and love and me and my unborn baby will be ok and let us both be at peace..


      1. Praying for you and your baby, Suzanne. It sounds like you and I are in a similar place, both in terms of our pregnancies and anxieties. I will hope your hopes close to my heart.

    3. I am 4-5 weeks pregnant. I have had a miscarriage in the past at 8 wks. I am trying to remain calm, and have faith. Here is a prayer I came up with to ease my mind. Whenever I an worried, (most of the time), I say this:

      Lord!, oh Lord!
      This I pray;
      Please let my baby be ok.
      Please let him (or her) grow healthy, and stronger everyday.
      For, I love my baby in every way.
      Thank you Father, for hearing me pray.
      -Mekarri Arizal

    4. Prayers for you. I just found out i am pregnant and i am in same boat. I had miscarriage 3 months ago. Please pray for me also. He is in control!!!

    5. I know your anxiety and worries. I too have had two miscarriages and I am prating everyday that the Lord allows us to keep this one. May he hear our prayers. God works maricles everyday and if we continue to pray with out hearts open he will bless our babies. A pastor one said if you have worries hand them over to god anf he will fix whatever it troubling you. Keep praying

    6. Have faith, gods knows best. I have and am in your position, but I know that god will favour me and my child. Stay Strong ..


    7. I am 15 weeks prego and just this week I have been overwhelmed with anxiety. please be in prayer with me for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby in Jesus Name Amen 🙂

  2. I have been on birthcontrol for 7 years because of a health issue but I have not been on it for at least 4-5 months now. I have not gotten pregnant at all. But! I think I am now, please I ask for prayers that I may have the blessing to be a mother. I have cried so many nights with the fear of never having a child. Please mother of all mothers mary, bless me with a child, have mercy in me!

      1. God is the Author of Life. Jesus said’ …the enemy comes to steal, to kill and destroy but I have come that you might have life and have it to the fullness…’ So, God has already given you the life that you so desire. He said ‘…ask and you shall receive…’ ‘…whatever you ask the Father in my name…’ ‘…and whenever you pray in faith and believing it is done…’ It is already done for you. So, I pray, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Savior, receive what you asked for, life… A baby. Amen!

        1. Hi am Romia I’ve been preying for a baby but no luck plz prey for n my hubby to conceive …… Teary now people are calling me a Buren because I can’t have kids of my own may the good lord have mercy on me

          1. Romia, I am so sorry to hear of your sorrow and anxiety. I will pray for you and your hopes for a child. May you feel God’s love and mercy with you where you are today.

      2. Hi madam am 33 weeks pregnant doctor said my baby heart was not properly developed and they told that we can’t give baby life guarantee. So please pray for me to give a healthy child. And this is my 1 at pregnancy. Please and begging you to give me a healthy child without any complications.thank u

  3. Praying to the Great and Almighty God that this precious unborn child I have been blessed with survives as I have miscarried before, I come to you God and ask of you to take away my fear and bless us once again but with a healthy child so that all of my hopes and dreams of becoming a mother are granted. Amen!

    1. Hi Shonna, thank you for stopping by and leaving your prayer. Please know that you and your husband are in my thoughts – infertility is always close to our hearts. Peace for your journey.

      1. Hi dear I want to be mother i have been trying for baby since three yrs but my bad luck not conceived yet please pray for me all because prayers are more powerful than medicines and I believe in jesus so please pray so that jesus will bless me with child as soon as possible me and my husband feel every corner empty without child plz.pray i had pcos but jesus cured still not conceiving give me some tips as well…thanx bless you all

      2. Hi madam am 33 weeks pregnant doctor said my baby heart was not properly developed and they told that we can’t give baby life guarantee. So please pray for me to give a healthy child. And this is my 1 at pregnancy. Please and begging you to give me a healthy child without any complications.thank u

  4. As you become pregnant, be sure you are prophesying great things, blessings upon your baby in the womb. Never be discouraged. Be always strong. God will surely deliver you safely. Amen..

  5. Please pray for me and my husband, we really want to see our bundle of joy. Every month when my period comes, we feel so depressed.

    Thank you

    1. Oh Joy, my heart goes out to you. We have been in your shoes, and it is so hard to keep hoping. I will pray for peace and comfort for your waiting.

  6. Hi laura my name is Heather, I am 6 weeks pregnant with baby number 4.i went for an ultrasound at 5 weeks 3 days and all they seen was the yolk sac, the next day my doctor orderd for me to take 2 more blood tests 2 days apart from each other to make sure my levels are raising. Im asking you to please pray for me and my family especially the new edition thats soon to be april 8th 2014

    1. Hi Heather – thank you so much for stopping and sharing your story. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you will continue to have hope for your waiting.

  7. Thats what happend to me…but i was 6weeks…. now im 6 months and baby is fine and kicking as im writing you… at the time my blood count went up only a lil bit so my Doctor told me its best i get a Dnc…i said No so i went back in 2day and they saw a heart beat!!! God is soooo Gooooddd! If i would have gotten a dnc i could hace killed my baby… God bless hun and ill pray for you in baby

    1. What an amazing story, Tennelle – and I’ve heard others like it, everyday miracles. Thank you for sharing hope here, and blessings on you and your baby.

  8. Laura,my name is Andrew. I stumbled upon your website of prayer, so here goes. My wife and iI have had a miscarriage. It’s was very disheartening to say the least. I never got to see or hear the heartbeat. She is pregnant now and tomorrow we go in for the ultrasound. I am so excited and nervous. All I want in this world is to see that heartbeat. Please pray for us. Today is our 3 yr wedding anniversary. I can’t think of a better gift then to see my child

  9. Laura, I come today in search of prayers and in some way help with faith. I am only 33 and feel as if I have experienced more heartache than happiness. My father, best friend, and closest cousin past when I was young. I am adopted and therefore have no flesh and blood within my family. My wife and I have been trying for years to get pregnant. Recently I was diagnosed with azoospermia. My world came crumbling down. I always wanted to have someone who was from flesh and blood. Now this will never be. I have come to except that fact. My wife and I recently did IVF. I am in desperate need for prayers. I feel as if this does not happen, I am sad to say, I may lose my faith. I don’t think I can bare the thought of at least my wife not being able to have children because of me. Please pray for me. I will find out on 9/6/13 if it was successful. Thank You!!

    1. John, I am honored that you shared your story in this space. I have been thinking of you since I first read this comment and praying for you and your wife. I hope that this week will bring you hope and peace.

  10. My husband and I have been TTC for almost 3 years now. In 2010 I have a miscarriage at 6 weeks I never got to see or hear my baby heart beat. That was the hurts thing I ever had to deal with it was my whole world was coning down. We have been TTC since then. And now I’m two weeks later but last Thursday my doctor said I wasn’t PG and I might-have-been fertility problems. But deep down in my heart Ans soul I think I might be PG ihave heard that it could take up to 5-6 weeks before you can Pos.test. please help and pray that I am I ready to be mommy to a precious a baby.Thank you PS Im the only child out of 4 that don’t any……please please help I really am hoping praying and wishing I an Pregnant

    1. Krystal, my heart goes out to you. My husband and I recently went through a similar experience with miscarriage, and it is so painful, physically and emotionally. Infertility is a hard burden to bear. Please know that I’ll be praying for you and I hope that you will feel some peace in your waiting.

  11. Thank you and I’m sorry to hear to you had you had to go through that ill be praying for you that god will bless you and answer your prayers

  12. My boyfriend and i have been trying for 11 months to have a baby and still no luck yet.! Everytime my period come’s it feels as if i let him down.! Please pray for us, im 3 days late on my period right now and im so excited & im praying that i am.!

  13. I stumbled across this forum when searching for prayer. I have just restarted my path to god and have been able to find him. I struggle some days especially with conceiving. I have two beautiful children already, god has blessed me with a wonderful family but I want one more. My tubes are tied due to my husband not wanting anymore and we endured some hard pregnancies. Well my husband has changed his mind and even though we are stable we don’t have the funds for a nine thousand dollar surgery. I am here today seeking out prayer and to keep my family and I in your thoughts to try and conceive. God creates miracles everyday and he is the only one that can bless us.

  14. Please God take care of this unborn child I am carrying. Please let me carry it to term and have a healthy pregnancy. Lord please take away my fear about having a miscarriage and let me enjoy being pregnant. In Jesus in I pray Amen.

  15. I never have been much of a believer until finally getting pregnant after several failures and gave birth two a little beautiful girl – Now I pray every day that she stay well, bit crazy aint it 🙂

  16. I have 2 beautiful daughters and have experienced 2 misscarriages 1 just recently in septemeber! My husband & I just found out we are pregnant again I pray that this baby makes it and is healthy! I am very nervous but I know God has my side!

  17. I pray for all those who are expecting the good news that their prayers be answered with pregnancy. My wife and I are going though the same hardships. And as hard as it is as times, we must not loss faith and love in God. I am even anxious and nervous and scared as I am writing this reply to leave for you all, but pray and love as God has loved you and the prayers will be answered. I will be praying for you all..

  18. Please pray for me and my fiancé we’ve been trying to conceive for some time now, We’ve suffered a miscarrage not too long ago, & we continue to hope for a healthy pregnancy & a new life to bring into this world. Thank you.

  19. Please pray for me and my fiance’. Trying to conceive for 2 years now. This will be my first child. These things we ask in Jesus name. Amen.

  20. Please pray that I have a healthy and normal pregnancy. I’ve had miscarriages and pregnant again. I pray for God’s healing touch esp. my IgA levels stay low. Thank you.

  21. Laura, I am 5 months pregnant with baby number 2. My first child was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease. I am trusting God for a Health child this time round. Please pray and believe God with me for the same.

  22. Just reading your blog and i was amazed with all the testimonies of your readers..lucky to have a prayer warrior like you Laura…such a blessing to others..i love your page… for
    almost 5 yrs of our marriage, we also felt a lot of disappointments from conceiving hence we never give up..Today my husband and i, was also bless by our Loving Father to conceive. Considering this as a gift from God we are expecting our first baby on this coming May 2014..We are so happy that soon we could see our little angel..Praying for a healthy, safe and Happy delivery..Also my prayers to you, expectant mothers and your readers…God bless everyone! 😉

    Lyn 🙂

      1. Hi Laura,
        I am so depress, I had a miscarriage four month ago and I am so hoping and trying to have a baby, please pray for me, that my greatest wish come through

        1. Oh Lina, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Please know that you are in my prayers. I hope that God’s peace and love will surround you as you continue to heal and hope.

  23. I’m a week and a few days close to my due date and my little angel hasn’t turned as yet. I trust that she will turn but idk and I don’t even leave in the Big countriest I live in lil saint Lucia and I don’t really trust having a c-section here praying everyday that she will turn n even ask my lil angel to turn for me in her birthing position don’t kno wat to do again i. really need ur prayers although I pray but there’s nothing such as too much prayer … Thanks in advance

  24. I Need Prayers That This Month Is The Month I Have Conceived Me & Nathaniel’s First Child.! I Pray That My Miracle Is Forming In My Womb Right Now.! I Pray For A Healthy Pregnancy & For All His Grace & Mercy Upon My Family.! Thank U In Advance.! Amen

  25. I Ask For Your Prayers That Right Now My Miracle Is Growing Perfectly In My Womb.! This Is The Time We Have Conceived Our Beautiful Healthy Blessing.! I Know God Has A Plan For Us All…I Pray That It’s To Be A Happy Healthy Family.! Within The Next Few Weeks I Hope & Pray That I Will Not Be Having Any Anxiety Thinking & Praying About My BFP & My First Baby.! Thank U In Advance…Amen.!

  26. I had a miscarriage in March. I was 6 wks along. I am now pregnant again, about 4 wks along and I am very scared and anxious. Please pray for me. I don’t want to lose this baby also! But, ultimately, it’s God’s will if this one will “stay” or called home before birth. So, pray for my peace. Thank you!

  27. Please god please pray for me. Help me get thru infertility of over 4 years. Please help me get pregnant this month.

  28. My husband and I yearn for children but have been having diificulty getting pregnant. Just did IVF and have only one normal embryo we will be transferring. Please pray for us to achieve a healthy pregnancy with a less than ideal number of embryos. I am trying to stay positive but I am so scared…

  29. Please god please pray for me. Help me get thru infertility of over .3 years. Please help me get pregnant this month.same problem my sister .my husband Hindu me christian pl z pray for my family

  30. please pray for me to have a safe pregnancy and delivery with out any complications whatsoever. In Jesus’ name Amen.

  31. Dear Lord

    I had a miscarriage, and I’ve been trying again…please help me conceive, as a child is a blessing from God.

  32. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and am having some anxiety of possible complications of my very first complications. My husband and I went to the doctor last week and saw our baby and saw the heartbeat but I guess I’m having first time mommy paranoia. Please pray that I am blessed with a heathly full teem baby and safe delivery and for comfort and peace during these first time anxieties.

    Thank you all so much and God Bless!

  33. Asking God to grant me, my miracle blessing that I’ve been waiting for. For over 4 1/2 yrs. have been dealing with infertility and not knowing it. Just trusting and believing in God’s perfect gift is His perfect timing. James 1:17. My husband and I have discovered that we had to go through the IVF process and awaiting for pregnancy results soon. My test is this Friday the 15th. I have so much anxiety, but have also just surrendered my trust and faith in God’s hand. Hoping and praying fervently for God’s blessing, my special miracle that I’ve been waiting, so patiently for. It definitely has been a test a faith! I’ve learned so much in this journey of infertility. I do feel like Peter walking on water, towards Jesus. I pray for more faith and a positive test result. It truly has been such a struggle. Seeing everyone, else around you getting pregnant. I LOVE God! And I know that He loves me, And doesn’t want me to suffer anymore. I pray that He opens that door and blesses me and my husband with that special, healthy miracle baby that we’ve been waiting for.

    1. Praying for you, Amberlee! What a beautiful image you have of walking on the water towards Jesus. I hope you will feel God’s strength and love surround you in a special way this week…

  34. First off i want to thank u Lord for letting me have the chance to get pregnant. I really hope that i be to have a healthy, safe pregnancy and child. Being told that i could not get pregnant again we provide that the devil was a lie. This a second pregnacy. Thank the Lord. But this second pregnacy its going a lil bit off track Lord. Doctors telling me i could have another ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, or my pregnacy to early showing. Now be told that its a yolk sac and they see no fetus they a lie. its just somethings men technology cant see. So now im under a 48 hours watch. To see how my pregnancy goes. So Lord we gone show them wrong that n 48 hours we gone have a fetus and my hcg level gone rise and double once again. Im be a living testimony for somebody.Because i know u wont have brought me this for nothing. So being living witness as up 8-18-2014 and between 7-2-2014 to 4-8-15 gone be a good and healthy pregnancy and child. And i claim thaylt and cover that with the blood of Jesus. AMEN. I rebuked u devil and the name of Jesus. WWJD DJWW.

  35. I am 4wks pregnant and I am so scared, I’m constantly feeling anxious and depressed because I too had a miscarriage I the past, I pray day n night this baby is healthy and I make it full term!! If you guys can pray for me I would kindly appreciate it, as all of you will be in my prays tonight ! Thank you

  36. Lord god I am 7 weeks pregnant I have been seeing scant spots of blood lord I pray that this normal lord I ask that you watch over send your angels to watch over me and my baby lord god next week when I go to the hospital bless me to see a healthy baby in the aultrosound in Jesus name I pray amen

  37. I would be honored to have you pray for me. My husband and I have infertility issues, and it is so, so hard. We really would love to add to our family, but it’s very hard for us to get pregnant. Thank you for your prayers!

    1. Lizzy, you are absolutely in my prayers. I am so sorry to hear of your struggles with infertility. I pray you will find hope and peace on your journey together.

      1. So happy to tell you that I’m expecting and due in June! Thank you so much for your prayers! Please now pray for a healthy pregnancy, baby, and delivery!

  38. hello am uju i had a miscarriage the day i was six weeks and it affected my husband and i emotionally, physically especially me cos it was my first. pls pray for me to have anoda as soon as possible a child dat will come and stay cos am going thru pains, i cry anytym i tink abt it and ask God why me?

    1. You will be in my prayers. Miscarriage is such a heart-breaking loss, and it can take a long time to heal. I hope that you and your husband will find comfort in each other’s love and in God. Peace to you…

    2. Uju,
      I too had a miscarriage at 6 weeks on 7/5and it was my first too. It was very hard the first few weeks but slowly I have found peace with it. I wish the same for you. We have to trust that God knows best…don’t give up.

  39. Danielle, you and your child are in my prayers. Your words speak deep faith, and your heart is full of hope – I pray that you will find God’s presence with you there, too.

  40. Thanks for those prayer be blessed!
    Pray for me, I m pregnant again after a miscarriage in May! So I m stress and fearfull.
    Please pray for me to find peace in God and for my pregnancy to go well.

  41. hi my name is candice and am a bit scared but i trust in god for him to gave me the strength true my pregnancy but i want u all to pray for me for a safe and wonderful delivery am not sure yet if am doin a c section but thee doctors gave me 2 weeks to decide because last 4 years i gave birth to my son and he died.. so thats y i need ur prays and support i truly trut in god and i know he gave me this great blessing to have a baby and i know god is not going to take away such a blessing from me…so just plz pray for me i am havin baby in abt 3 weeks..thanks very much

    1. I prayed for candice. May God give you peace and assist you whatever the option be safe in God is good all the time and He is in control.
      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  42. Hi my name is Moureen. I have a five year old son and was pregnant with my second child due in january 2015. i lost the pregnancy at 24wks in September 2014 as i had preterm labour. baby did not make it and died later. I was told I have IC where one needs to be stitched cervix at 11wks to hold the pregnancy. i recently found out am 5 wks pregnant. i really need your prayers to overcome and carry my pregnancy to term. i have yearned for a second baby for a long time. Am praying that God will see me through this journey.

  43. im 48 , i cry for a child every night ,, i have suffered cancer and heart issues due to treatment 25 years ago . i long and cry for a family . i don’t want a donor egg but to blessed with my own child , i know this can only happen threw God.. have mercy God

  44. My wife and I lost a beautiful son during child birth. It’s months later she is a week and a half late please let her be pregnant. Everyone in her family is pregnant her feelings are happy for them but tore up inside for our loss. Her birthday is also 2 days after Christmas We need a blessing

  45. Hello everyone

    I’m writting this with the deepest sadness in my heart constantly longing for a child, with the unending negatives coming back, and I have reached a point where I have lied to my hasband and say I don’t want a child because I am so ashamed of the situation at hand and feel so useless.

    Please pray with me that our ever faithful God may bless us with our own child.

    Thank you.

  46. I need prayers ;( ive been in a relationship with my now husband for mpre than 4 years. Were recently married… i had a depo shot but only once.. it should have wore off already. I havent been able to get pregnant. I want to be a mother. Im scared it wont happen… please help

  47. I so badly want a child, everyone around is having babies, my sisters, female family memebrs, friends but not me, I feel like I’m useless nd I fEel like I’m not a woman. Please send me a prayer.

    Thank you

    1. Leona we r in similar situation, i too feel worthless and sometimes feel less of a woman, but i am trying not to question God, all good things comes to those who wait, i know that very soon God is going to bless us both with healthy, beautiful children, dont give up, my spouse n i have been trying for 8yrs and we r not giving up, God is going to poor down showers of blessings on our wombs and allow us to conceive and have a healthy happy pregnancy, u n i will experience the joy of mother hood, and i know its going to happen very, very soon.

  48. dear jesus, im pregnant in 7weeks after 4miscarriges. now im stress.pls lord touched and blessed my baby in my womb.please pray for my baby for have a healthy pregnancy

  49. dear jesus, im pregnant in 7weeks after 4miscarriges. now im stress.pls lord touched and blessed my baby in my womb.please pray for my baby for have a healthy pregnancy. by sumathi.on 06-01-2015 at 1:45

  50. I am 39 years old and i had my first baby 21 years ago. I have been trying for a second baby. May you help me with prayers. Thank you

  51. Please pray i have had ectopic pregnancy twice and very hard to conceive i know we would b great parents pray just to conceive and it all goes well please i am starting to loose faith i need confidence then my husband grandmother just passed it would prefill his lost And i would name my child after her please pray amen

    1. Candace, I am praying for you and all your struggles and hopes. It is so hard to keep faith in the face of all that you have experienced, but I hope that you will find God’s peace and presence around you.

  52. Hello, I’m asking for prayers for my pregnancy. I’ve and 8 losses of all gestational ages and 2 healthy kids (that I’m so thankful for). I am 7wks pregnant, have already experienced bleeding. So far, so good but because of some weird things with this pregnancy, there is also concern for chromosomal abnormalities. Praying for a full term healthy baby. We will hopefully see the heart beat tomorrow.

    1. Dee, please know that you and your baby are in my prayers. I am hoping for good things for you tomorrow, most of all for peace of mind. Thank you for sharing your story and your heart here.

  53. My spouse and i have been together for 9 years we have been trying for 8 years with no luck, i am now thirty years old and i feel hopeless, and worthless and less of a woman, it seems like every month i get the news from another friend that they are expecting, this month was the worst for me, as i was 5 days late and pretty sure we were finally expecting, only to see my period on the 6th day, i’m asking you to please pray for me, i need a miracle, i’m asking for a blessing on my womb so that i may conceive and have a bouncing baby, and have a happy healthy family. thank you, may God bless all mothers and all those who want to become a mom.

    1. Hi Suzie, I’m so sorry I did not get your message until recently. (Sometimes my spam folder gets the better of me!) Please know that you are in my prayers. I am so sorry to hear of your long journey of waiting and longing. I know it is so hard to keep up your hope month after month. I will keep you in my thoughts for hope and healing and knowing God’s loving presence with you always.

  54. Please pray for a healthy child. I am 6 weeks pregnant and I already love this child with all of my heart. I believe being a mother is one of the most amazing blessings you can get and I look forward to it. Please pray that I have a healthy pregnancy and get to hold me child in my arms and please pray that my fear and worry of something going wrong goes away. Thank you and God bless you.

  55. Please pray for me and my wife we are expecting a child and she is always not in good condition when she go to the Dr they said they can see the baby’s heart beat but she feel the movement of the baby they book for him to remove the baby please this is our time for joy pray for us even the are scan is not accurate about weeks of her pregnancy.

  56. I need prayers me and my husband has been trying to have a baby for a while it’s very hard since I only have one tube but I know the mighty god and prayers will bless us with a little one so I’m asking for prayer please

  57. Im pregnant at 28th week now. Please pray for me as its my first pregnancy and am really scared and anxious. i really want the peace of Christ and a normal easy delivery. im too scared about the pain and everything i hear of.

    1. Praying for you, dhan! I was so anxious and fearful about childbirth during my first pregnancy, too. Praying for peace of mind before and during labor made a huge difference for me. You will be in my thoughts!

  58. Please pray for me! I’ve been trying and trying to be mommy but it seems that everything is against me having this happiness! Thank you ❤

  59. Please help me in prayers everyone. I’ve had an ectopic n 2 miscarriages. it was heartbreaking for me. Im currently testing positive again after a year of ttc. I’ve been bleeding for abt 6 weeks now and some painful cramping. The Dr cant c my baby n he’s thinking its another ectopic or miscarriage. I don’t think I can go thru another one of those. Been praying and crying to God to grant me n my husband a miracle. I’ve got a lot of faith in God, but I feel like I might not be able to hold on for long. Pls help me heavenly father

    1. Millie, please know that you have been in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your story here and allowing the rest of us to pray for you. Peace and hope.

  60. I have been trying to concieve for three years last week I dreamt I was praying to concieve and God told me I was pregnant. I am looking for prayed to thank him for the gift of life and for the strength to not doubt his message and “assume” I am pregnant

    1. Chrissy, you continue to be in my prayers for your waiting. Thank you for sharing the gift of your dream and faith in this space.

  61. i thank the good Lord for this pregnancy and i’m believing him for twin baby boys and asking for safe delivery too. pls join me in asking for this cos he said we should ask for anything in his name for he will grant our request.
    i’m equally praying for all believing for children of their own, that our merciful father will wipe away the tears from their eyes and replace it with smiles, laughs, joy.

    1. Please know that you will be in my prayers, Maria. I hope that you will have peace and comfort as you ask God for the desires of your heart.

  62. Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for years now and it’s been a struggle to conceive our first little one. please keep us in your prayers.

    1. Cletecia, you and your husband continue to be in my prayers for your infertility. Please know that your struggles are close to my heart. I hope that you will know God’s peace and hope in your waiting.

  63. Hi Laura, I am 8weeks pregnant and I had my ultrasound yesterday. The baby’s heartbeat is strong, however they saw a tiny blood clot along with it. I am not afraid about the fact of the said blood clot, I saw some furoms about it and researched about it too, 90% of women have a successful pregnancy, I am just worried that I might have another miscarriage again. I’ve been praying and reading scriptures about pregnancy. Right now, I’m just trying to be positive and let it all go and be manages by God. I hope you get to see this so that you could help me pray. I really want this child. P.S kudos to your site, may God bless you more and give you the serenity of life.

    1. Cony, you and your baby are in my prayers. I know it is so hard not to worry any time the smallest thing arises, especially when you have already known loss. But I hope you will know God’s peace in your waiting. Thank you for your kind words, too.

  64. I am 4 weeks pregnant…my hcg is ony at a 92, I return to the Dr monday. The nurse said that my hcg needs to be around 1000-1500. This is our first baby, we are both afraid. I have been praying daily since finding out I am with child. I have pcos and we have been trying for a year using Clomid. Please put us on as many prayer lists ad possible. I long for my child and my husband and I need all the prayers that we can….Thank you and may God bless!

    1. Bailey, please know you are in my prayers. It is so hard to wait and hope. We went through PCOS and Clomid, too, for our first. So many ups and downs. I pray that you will know God’s love and peace and comfort in your waiting…

  65. Hi Ms. Laura,

    I am 8 weeks pregnant and I’m not like other women who seem to feel nothing during pregnancy. My morning sickness occurs every now and then and it weakens me. Please help me pray for strength in overcoming this situation.

    1. Praying for you, Sharmaine! Morning sickness is SO hard. Sending you lots of good thoughts for peace and comfort.

  66. I am so blessed to have a child in the womb. However, when we went for our ultrasound, they found an amniotic band in the amniotic sac floating. Please pray for complete healing, I don’t want anything to harm my unborn baby. It has been a very difficult waiting time for me and my husband as they wanted us to come back in a month to see if it would disappear on its own. Thanks for your prayers.

    1. Praying for you, Erica! I know it is so hard to wait. I hope you will know peace and hope in God’s presence. Thank you for sharing your story here.

  67. Hi,
    Me and my husband are trying to get pregnant for 1 year now, but every month we are getting so depressed on seeing the negative result. I’m praying GOD that he will do great miracles in our life.
    Please pray for us to conceive this month, in Lord JESUS name. Amen..

    1. Sarah, you and your husband are both in my prayers! Infertility is so challenging, and the depression can be real. I hope you will find the love and support you need around you, and that you will always know God’s companionship as you wait and hope. Peace.

  68. I am 5 weeks Pregnant. I feel worn out with anxiety. I have a fear of a miscaraige. I want to enjoy every moment but instead i am overwhelmed with fear. God has given me a opertunity to Carry one of his creations and I want to love every moment. Please i am in need of a prayer

    1. You are in my prayers for freedom from anxiety! I know that it is SO hard to wait, let alone wait in hope. But I pray that you will know God’s presence with you, today and always.

  69. Please pray for my husband and I. We have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now. We’ve experienced 4 early misscarriages already. Time is ticking since I’ve reached the age of 42. My first husband unexpectedly died in an accident 2,5 years ago, leaving me behind with 2 young children. My second husband is such a wonderful father to my two children … but I’d love for him to be a biological father! I know God is a God of wonders … we trust in Him!

    Please pray for us, as we pray for you.

    1. Praying for you and your husband, Mae! Thank you for sharing your story here. You have been through so much loss and heartache. I pray that you will know God’s love and hope and dreams for your family as you wait and hope. Peace to you today. And thank you for your prayers as well.

  70. I have had to deal with infertility due to PCOS. I concieved a child last year but lost it at 8 weeks.
    I am now 16 weeks pregnant, and the doctor is telling me the baby might have Trisomy 18, which means my child will not live long. I have longed for this child and I believe God will not let me go through losing another child after all I have been through. I have been praying for this child and I know God will deliver and give me a perfect healthy and happy baby without Trisomy 18. I just ask for prayers for my healthy baby.

    1. Praying for you and your child, Nikki! I hope that you will have reassurance of God’s love and comfort as you wait and hope.

  71. I would really appreciate prayers. I am so grateful to be pregnant after struggling with PCOS. I also have depression and anxiety and went off of my medication when trying to conceive. I am now 9 weeks and suffering from a relapse. I have extreme all day morning sickness and migraines which is making the depression and anxiety worse. I am considering taking a leave of absence from work since I am finding it hard to function. The thought of going through another month or so of feeling this way is unfathomable. I am scared of the effect depression is having on my baby and I am also scared of going on medications for depression while pregnant. We are not out of the woods yet for miscarriage either. Please pray for me and my baby.

    1. Oh Kara, my heart just aches for all that you are struggling with right now. I will absolutely keep you and your baby in my prayers. I hope that God will lift your anxiety and guide you through your depression, and that you will know you are never alone.

  72. My daughter has PCOS as well, 2 miscarriages and now is 21 weeks and was just told there are many complications. I’m asking for prayers to support her and her husband and unborn daughter as they go through this very difficult time. I have faith that God knows what is right for them and that the doctors have the faith and knowledge to guide them. In your name Jesus, heal them all.

    1. Debbie, thank you for asking me to pray for your daughter, her husband, and their daughter. I will keep them close to my heart and hope that they will know hope and God’s peace as they look to the future.

  73. I am a week from my due date and my baby is so small still I would like a prayer or psalm to say every morning please

    1. Praying for you, Jennifer! I hope that you will find the Prayers for Childbirth helpful. I’m at work on more resources for pregnancy and birth, but I think you’ll have your sweet one in your arms by the time they are available! Blessings on you and your family.

  74. Am 29 weeks pregnant now,after 3 years. Diagnosed with placenta previa. I need to travel to my country for my delivery. It’s my precious baby. I shouldn’t bleed during my journey and want to have a normal delivery. In Jesus name I ask ur prayers

    1. Praying for you and a safe journey and delivery, Raima! I hope that you will know God’s peace and presence as you wait. Blessings on the road ahead for you and your child.

  75. I’m 6 weeks pregnant to my first baby and so far I’m hating every moment of it. I’m in constant abdominal pain and bleeding. The doctors did a scan after the first bleed and all was OK. But since I have bled lots more and now they don’t care. They won’t do another scan so I don’t even know if I’m having a miscarriage or not. It’s the not knowing that worries me so terribly. The pain is hard but I can deal with that but the constant torment of not knowing if everything is OK. I don’t have any family to support me and just feel so alone and scared. Please pray for me that all is well and I’ll start to enjoy this journey.

    1. Nicola, I am so sorry to hear about your pain and suffering! Please know that you are not alone in your fears. I hope that you will feel God’s love and care presence with you and your baby, and that you will be blessed with peace of mind and healing from your pain. I will continue to hold you in prayer and hope that you find the help and support you need.

  76. I don’t know if this is the appropriate place for me to reach out, but I really do need prayer. I don’t have infertility issues like many of the women on here. In fact my hubby and I have gotten pregnant twice while trying to prevent it. My issue: I have 4 boys ages 6,5,2 and 7 months. I have always dreamed of having a little girl. I feel devastated, lost, incomplete, just to name a few emotions. My sadness has turned into depression. I can’t imagine life without the little girl I’ve always dreamed of!
    I’m CONSIDERING trying for a 5th but feel like it’s selfish. My pain is so deep that I just can’t discern if God wants me to step out in faith to try to have a girl or if it is just a storm I have to get through. My faith used to be strong, but with every “it’s a boy” my faith has become weaker and weaker. I feel like I can’t hear from Him anymore.

  77. Just find out am pregnant from the lab staff but was told d pregnancy might not hold cos I might have took hard something ‘please am in need of prayer to carry this bundle of Joy to the full. amen

  78. I tried to get pregnant for a year but still not pregnant yet, I prayed to God ,What God have planning on me ,even I don’t know. Can you help me for prayer thanks……

    1. Praying for you, Nuam. I hope that you will find God’s presence in your wanting and hoping, and that you will know God’s peace as you pray for a child.

  79. My wife is just pregnant and Doctor confirms the pregnancy while she is now bleeding as if she is menstruating. Join me to pray for sustenance of lives and bring the whole system to normalcy.

  80. I want to die, I’m not happy about being pregnant, I have severe sickness and doctors think I’m just another winey pregnant woman, I’m constantly having suicidal thoughts in desperation of some relief, I don’t want to harm my baby but this sicknesses it’s literally killing me, can someone please pray for me? Thank you

    1. Yajaira, I hope that you received the email I just sent to you. Please know that you are in my prayers, and PLEASE reach out to find a medical professional who can help in your local community. A list of resources for depression during pregnancy can be found here (even though many say “post-partum” they WILL help you with prepartum depression, too): A doctor or therapist can help you find hope in your despair. I know first-hand how hard depression during pregnancy and severe morning sickness can be. But you can survive it, one day a time. And if your doctor is not responsive to your needs, please keep calling another doctor in your area until you find someone who will listen. Or go to the hospital if you need direct help. Suicidal thoughts are serious, and someone will take you seriously. Please do not give up and know that there are SO many of us praying for you and your baby. Thank you for reaching out here, and I hope that you will find more help in person today.

    2. Yajaira,
      Stay strong lady, you can do this. You have the prayers of me and many other mommas. Pregnancy is tough. It’s worse for some moms than others, but you CAN do this. Take it one day at a time, and each day will be a victory. And the prize for all your little victories? A beautiful little baby, and it will all be worth it.

    3. I will definitely be praying for you, mama. Hang in there. May I humbly recommend trying a magnesium supplement? It helps my anxiety and irritability significantly, and low magnesium is suspected to intensify “morning” sickness. It wouldn’t fix everything but might get you through another day to get more help. I am so sorry your doctors aren’t supporting you. I just read about this crisis text line a few days ago. When you feel really low, maybe reach out by texting “go” to 741-741?

    4. Yajaira, I’m praying for you, too! Please know that God loves you like crazy and your unborn baby, too, and that this sickness and misery won’t last forever.

    5. Yajaira, I’m so sorry you’re going through such a hard time! Pregnancy is so hard. You are not alone! Praying for you!! You can do it, stay strong!

    6. You have my prayers. Perinatal depression and anxiety are so so so very real. Please know that it is temporary, and can even get better sooner than later with a trip to a therapist. They can put you on the right track to feeling better. While what you feel is very real indeed, please know it is a manifestation of your pregnancy hormones. It’s not really you. Focus on just surviving each day in this pregnancy. That’s all you need to do. It is going to get better. I am proof. xo

  81. Yajaira,

    I suffered hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) during both of my pregnancies. I, too, experienced feelings of depression and isolation. Although my doctors believed me, nothing they tried alleviated my symptoms. Besides the spiritual weight, which is considerable, each of my pregnancies was hard in different ways: the first because I hadn’t expected or known it was possible to be quite so ill; the second because while I knew what to expect this time, I couldn’t interact like I wanted with my toddler while I was so sick. I had previously struggled with infertility, and yet these feelings that I wished it would all just go away persisted even though my children were desperately wanted.

    Please know that it was all worth it. My children are the lights of my life, and I even plan to do it again as many times as God grants!

    Our Blessed Mother, pray for us. St. Gerard, patron of expectant mothers, pray for us.

  82. Lord please help me with this pregnancy… I had a miscarriage before I hope this time everything will be fine. Thank you lord.


  83. Lord please help me with this pregnancy… I had a miscarriage before I hope this time everything will be fine. Thank you lord.


  84. I am asking for prayers to conceive. I am the oldest in my family, and my baby brother who is 29 is having his first child. I suffer from PCOS, but it is God who heals me. My heart has forever wanted a big family as I come from a family of 7.(2 older ones are from my father’s first marriage). But I will be content with just one. For 12 years we have been trying to convince and nothing has happened yet. Prayers to become a new mommy this year. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Praying for you, Maria! I know that PCOS can be so frustrating. Please know that your hopes and dreams will be in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your story here.

  85. Just find out I am 6 weeks pregnant to my first baby, I am so excited but also very nervous and scared, thank you for this prayers, I read them every day and I can feel the presence of God and his protection and love for me and the little beauty growing inside me. Thank you.

    1. Praying for you and your baby, Mariaj! I am so grateful that these prayers have spoken to you. May you continue to know God present with you and your child each day.

  86. Dear God,

    Help us all. I am pregnant again and scared because of 5 previous miscarriages. Please wrap your arms around me and the other women wishing for healthy, happy pregnancies. We give you the praise and the glory!

    1. Dear Kenya, what a beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing your faith and story here. I will keep you and your baby in my prayers!

  87. Hi have a sister stacey married to my brother coty please please can you say a prayer strong she lost one to heaven so other is still fighting hold on please say prayer for the my sister to be strong and the UNBORN. Baby in her tummy be healthy ok safegrow stronger be ok amen she need all.the prayers we can get my brother in korea for year they both in the army very. Good family people they.will be grwat awsone parents amen in jesus. Name i pray

    1. Praying for your sister, Stephanie. I hope that they will find hope and peace in God’s comforting love, now and always. Thank you for stopping here.

  88. Please pray that God opens my womb and blesses me and my husband to get pregnant .we have been married for almost 5months and tying.thank you.also praying for all in here who are trying to conceive as well as those who are praying for a healthy pregnancy..thank you.

    1. Thank you for sharing your prayer, Terran. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers for hope and good things to come.

  89. My husband and I have decided to start on our path of TTC. Praying we are blessed with a healthy pregancy and healthy baby that grows up loving and serving the Lord.

    1. Praying for you and your husband, Regina! So exciting and such a hopeful, happy time. May you have good news soon.

  90. I am a expected scared mother last year I had a miscarriage. A couple months ago I was told I have a ovarian cyst the size of a marble. I am now pregnant with my second child. I just wanna have a normal healthy safe pregnancy. I go to the doctor next Wednesday praying for all good results.

    1. Praying for you and your baby, Syretta! I hope that you will have good news soon. Thank you for sharing your story.

  91. I have stumbled upon your blog this morning an reading the the comments tugged at my heart. I had a pregnancy blood test at the hospital Monday and it was positive. I am 41, never been pregnant and have polycistic ovarian syndrome. I am so scared and overwhelmed. I know God doesn’t want me to have this fear..I’m just struggling right now. We adopted our son at birth he is a senior in high school. I am so emotional right now I am beside myself. I’ve never posted like this before asking for prayer but please can you pray for me? They told me I will be 9 weeks on Monday. Which is my first apt. Thank you!

    1. Sheila, thank you for sharing your story. I will keep you and your family in my prayers – especially that you will know peace and comfort in God’s love as you sort through all the emotions and struggles and try to make sense of what comes next.

  92. Im so glad I found this forum. I need a baby, I am holding on to hope and faith that God will grant me the grace to experience the beauty of conception. I have such love for my baby yet unborn. Please pray with me.

    1. Beautiful words, Doreen. Thank you for sharing your hope here. You will be in my prayers for all good things ahead…

  93. hi my name is Bianca I am 33 years old I am have no kids me and my husband have been together for 4 years he has one child she’s 17 I don’t know if it’s me or him but I have not been able to conceive a doctor has not told me that I’m not able to conceive so I take it upon myself that I can’t have children but I’m so praying to have one not just for me but for him as well my mom also wants to be a grandmother as well I ask you for your prayer in the hopes of being able to conceive or in the hopes of it being able to be fertile I asked you to please pray for me and my room I know if he can do it for Sarah and Mary I know that he could do it for me to the right now I said to you mother spirit that in the name of Jesus I can and I will conceive

    1. Praying for you, Bianca. Your words show deep faith and I hope that you will know God’s peace and presence with you as you wait and hope. Thank you for sharing your story here.

  94. Please pray for my daughter . She is 22 weeks .. she had her 20 week ultrasound and doctor told her that the baby is too small and they found a spot on the baby also. she had some blood work done and will be going in this afternoon for the results and also for another ultrasound to check on the growth of the baby. please pray that shes healthy. <3

    1. Nela, please know that I am praying for you, your daughter and her baby. I hope that you will have have more answers and positive news soon. Thank you for sharing your petition here.

  95. Many thanks Laura for your excellent service.

    I have been married for 6 years and have had no signs of a baby. I have cried many nights and currently undergoing fertility treatment.

    Please pray for us and we have to come out of this as soon as we can.

    Prayers to all who are trying to conceive like me . Amen.

    1. Praying for you, Preethi, and for all those who are trying to conceive. I know that it is SO hard to wait and to remain hopeful. I pray that God’s presence will lift your heart in this waiting time.

  96. Hi Laura, I am thankful to God, because I was told by a gynaecologist 2 weeks ago that I was having endometriosis stage 4 and I had to undergo operation, then be able to get pregnant. Then I prayed to God everyday, asking for help and support, because I really want to have my own baby. God has hear my prayer, I am now in early stage of pregnancy, Please pray for me, so that I will stay pregnant without and complications. Also for the baby to keep growing healthy in my womb until full term and he/she will come forth in God’s perfect timing.

    thank you

  97. Please pray for my baby,my wife is in 2nd month pregnant.already we loss 2 childs because of miscarriage.we yet to receive heartbeat of baby,tomorrow we have scan for heartbeat.please is request you to pray for my baby heartbeat.

  98. mi lost my baby when I was 21 weeks pregnant. baby had some problems with chromosome abnormalities.. after 2 years am 9 weeks pregnant. my husband and me are happy. but am under full anxiety that I may suffer the same thing again.. each and every second I am getting anxiety attacks.. really worried because of anxiety attacks my baby development might have affected.. please I need your prayers for healthy baby.

    1. Praying for you and your baby! You have been through so much – I hope that you will know God’s peace and presence with you where you are today.

  99. Hi All Mothers,
    I had total 2 miscarriages and not able to conceive due to thyroid.Going to complete 2 years of my marriage. I am 35 years. Please pray for me that when i test pregnancy on this thursday 26th November 2015, i get good news of postive pink line and hopefully twin, a girl and a boy. Hope my wish come true. I ask this in Jesus name, i pray AMEN….

  100. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right but I would like prayer I had two miscarriages this year I recently found out that I’m expecting again I just would like prayer that this pregnancy will result in a live birth if not prayer that we can accept the fact we have three babies in heaven

    1. Praying for you and the hopes of your heart, Joey. I know it is hard to hope after loss, but I will be praying for all good things to be yours. Thank you for sharing your prayer needs here.

  101. Lord plase help my baby I am 3 months pregnant doctor said that my baby doesnot have heartbeat she gave time of 5days and then abort my baby plase lord help us by blessing my baby with heartbeat and she live healthy plase god help my baby let my baby live

  102. My husband and I have been trying for 18 months to get pregnant and it is so hard I pray everyday to become a mother but with each passing month it gets harder and harder to stay positive. I pray to keep my marriage strong through this journey and I deeply pray to become a mom.

    1. Brandi, I know it is so, so hard to wait when all you want is a baby. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Peace to you.

  103. Please pray for me I am five weeks pregnant and my hcg was 84 and I have had two misscarriages. My husband and I did it all right got married both secure and pray for a healthy baby to call our own. In Jesus name we pray.

  104. Hello my name is sharita, I’m 4 months pregnant. I was wanting to know if me & my baby could get some strong prayers for this pregnancy please. I had a miscarriage back in 08 & is pregnant again & praying for a healthy pregnancy & birth of this child. I knw god is good & I’m just wanting a healthy baby. I just pray me & my baby be ok, I can’t wait to hold my precious baby.

    1. Praying hard for you and your baby, Sharita! I hope that God will give you peace and comfort in your anxiety while you wait.

  105. Dear God you no my heart and what my heart desire wonderful things I been trying to get pregnant for years now I just pray that you find it in you heart to give me a beautiful child one day I cry and cry to have another child please bless me with the fruit of the womb o God amen

  106. 10 months of being married, 10 months of trying to get pregnant which ends up in disappointment. Please pray for me.. Longing this blessing a lot. 🙁

    1. Praying for you and the longings of your heart, Prudence. May God’s hope and love be with you as you wait and hope.

  107. I want to share my saddest lost of my 1st child when im in my 22weeks pregnancy when doctor terminated my pregnancy because of very bad health condition that I had. Now that I am pregnant again with the same health condition and I dont want to lose this again. Im asking your prayers and intercession that I may deliver the baby with good health and in a right time.

    1. Annabel, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I will keep you and your baby in my prayers, that you might have good health and more importantly, peace of mind where you are today. Thank you for sharing your story.

  108. Oh always pray for myself and for my husband.i never give up to my prayers even how many times my wish is failed oh god I love you soo much and the same to love of my husband.i know u always here my side and I know u always hear my prayers but im still waiting to answer my prayers.oh god please don’t ignore me don’t reject me, god heal my womb heal my uterus heal my fallopian tube and heal my cervix so that I can get pregnant.please god bless my womb to get a pregnant. I am ready soo much to be a parent of my kids please god I am not give I am still hoping the miracles from u.i believe God u love me soo much and I trust u always u r my father. God for the last my words…bless my womb because I am soo excited to get a baby and bless always my family and bless always the family of my husband.

    1. Praying for you and your husband, Joan! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful prayer here. I hope that you will know God’s peace, healing, and loving presence as you wait and hope.

  109. Am 11weeks nit i hv pains that are unexplainable.Hvnt been able to get the right pain killers to reduce the pain but I have been asking Jesus my healer to cure me.

    Please join me in your prayers.

  110. Hi, please pray for my husband and I, we’ll been having troubles to get natural pregnancy. Please pray for my womb, so it is healthy, and my egg can attach to it.
    I know God will bless us, but there’s a lot of anxirity and bad thoughts as part of my fears.
    Thank you.

    1. Praying for you and your husband, Diana! I hope that you will know God’s hope and peace with you as you keep going.

  111. Please pray for my child.I am 7 weeks pregnant and my last scan didn’t show the advised to take scan a week later.last year had a miscarriage and still its hurting me a lot.hope God saves my child this husband never understand my situation n hurts me a lot during this period and totally blame me for everything thing.please pray to change my husband to understand me and stand by my side in this period of testing.

  112. I’m asking for prayers for my unborn son the doctor came to me and said my son might have down syndrome . I’m only 24 year’s old and don’t know what this all mean I just asking can you please pray me and my baby…… Thank you

    1. Praying for you and your baby, Shaundra. I hope that you will find peace and comfort from God’s love, and that God will lift you from your fears into a new place of hope.

  113. Lord I pray that this pregnancy goes well.. I have had a still – birth & miscarriage! Both pregnancy were high-risk, I’m putting everything in your hands and praying for the best! May you take this fear away from me, and may I have a healthy baby! Amen!

  114. Praying to conceive our rainbow baby soon. My daughter was born sleeping 14 months ago due to a neural tubal defect. We miss her every day and have been trying to conceive again for seven months. Praying for peace, for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

    1. Oh, Kellie, I am so sorry to hear about your heart-breaking loss. I will keep you and your family in my prayers, that God will grant the hope of your hearts. Thank you for sharing your story here.

  115. Hi my name is Siphelele from South Africa I am 25 weeks pregnant,my problem is I had 3 abortion and I removed a fibroid so I am so scared for my baby’s health because of my decision if anything happens to my child I would blame myself. I am trusting in God for my child health not to be affected about what I have done I carry it as my own burden not for her or him. Please pray for me to tell myself that all will work out for good God is a forgiving,loving,merciful God he is the one who is knitting my child together in my womb please pray for my baby to be also delivered naturally all this I ask in Jesus Name on my own I cannot do it it is only God alone through the Holy Spirit who will make it happen. Thank you in advance

    1. Many prayers for you and your baby, Siphelele. I hope that you will know God’s love, peace, forgiveness, and comfort surrounding you and your child, now and always.

  116. Thanks for sharing these beautiful prayers. We are keeping you and those beautiful baby girls in our prayers and close tom our hearts. If anyone can spare an extra prayer in our journey with secondary infertility it is much appreciated. We have been desperately trying to conceive for the past 5 years – now at 46 it seems impossible and each day that passes pushes that dream farther and farther away and solidifys the impossible. After 5 long years, my heart is pretty fragile and all hope is fleeting. Thank you for the prayers and praying for the impossible.

  117. Prayer Request :

    Can you all please say a prayer for me? Pray God heals my fallopian tubes, Pray I conceive and have a healthy baby. Thank you in advance. Praise the Lord Jesus- God Bless You All.

  118. My wife and I are expecting a child and have run into a lot of complications. Doctors say that our bay might have mental issues, my wife and I are shocked and very worried. Only God can help us, my wife cries everyday, she is very sad very worried, nothing I say will comfort her.This has been a very heartbreaking phase in our life. We have one more scan next weekend and we pray and beg God to make everything alright.

    1. Kevin, I will keep you and your wife and baby in my prayers. I am so sorry to hear of your struggles and pain. I hope that you will know God’s presence and peace with you during this difficult time.

      1. Hi Laura, Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. My wife is in 37 weeks now, things have got a little better but there are a few complications. Delivery due date is April 13 so we still have three weeks time, and we are hoping and praying that things get better by then. We have a scan scheduled next week and if the blood flow seems to be low they would be inducing the delivery, kindly pray for our baby and my wife.

  119. Hi, please pray for my fiance and I, we’ll been having troubles to get natural pregnancy. Please pray for my womb, so it is healthy, and my egg can attach to it. We been trying for years now I just want to know the joy of of being a mom and being able to carry a child full term.
    I know God will bless us, but there’s a lot of anxirity and bad thoughts as part of my fears.
    Thank you.

  120. I’m praying for our miracle baby. I have 4 wonderful children but I still feel as though there is someone missing from our family.

  121. Hi there, I love your blog and am so thankful to have stumbled across it. My husband and I experienced the joy of our first pregnancy last September – unexpected, but an absolute blessing. The pregnancy ended in a very difficult missed miscarriage that required medical management and ended up in a painful hospital stay. I struggled immensely with the grieving and healing process and it impacted my relationship with God. Through a painful journey, I have since realized that the miscarriage was my wakeup call to recognize how my walk with God had become stagnant and I was not growing spiritually. I have spent the past 2 months refocusing my life on Christ and pursuing Him with my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I recently found out I am pregnant again – just under 7 weeks. I am overjoyed to be pregnant again. I choose to remain hopeful and am doing everything I can to overcome the fear. The Lord has provided me with a sense of peace and confidence that this pregnancy will result in a healthy baby for us. I have rough days where the enemy grabs hold of me. Hebrews 11:1 has been a great source of strength for me – Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
    I would greatly appreciate prayers that God blesses us with a healthy and full-term pregnancy and that our Heavenly Father rebukes Satan and places a hedge of protection around me and our little baby growing in my womb. You are truly a prayer warrior and it would be an honor to be prayed for by you.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  122. Good evening I’m 16 weeks and pregnant with twins I recently last year in May 2015 had a miscarriage & I became pregnant nov2015 and was prounouced in January 2016 I was pregnant with twins I have one 6 year old son healthy & strong as can be. But as for me I got diagnosed with a heart problem called Myocarditis In Febuary and I keep being told I have high risk of passing away during or after labor and it’s so hard for me to think this stuff and now I’ve been sent to the high risk dr in a different city & they are telling me the same thing but also wanting me to meet with a high risk cardiologist and go from there it’s just so hard for me I do not want to pass away or lose my child I just want ask for prayers for myself & my family please I’m attending church this Sunday for the first time I believe I need to feel and hear God this is one of the worst expirance anyone can go through I feel like I am going to make it trough it’s just so hard for me and I just hope from the power of God that he protects us and gets us through this time thank you for heating a little bit of my story.

  123. I’m writing this with the deepest sadness in my heart constantly longing for a child. I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 months now, but every month we are getting so depressed on seeing the negative result. I am waiting to get positive pregnancy report and blessings in my family. I’m asking you to please pray for me, I need a miracle, I’m asking for a blessing on my womb. I’m praying GOD that he will do great miracles in our life. Please pray for us to conceive this month, in Lord JESUS name. Amen… I wanted to know what god says about answering prayers. Please reply to this email email id
    Thank you.

  124. I am due with my second child any day from now. I’m asking for your prayers for a save natural delivery just as God intended it be. No more going under the knife

  125. Hi! I am 19 weeks pregnant and my scans show some complications in my child. Please pray for my child and myself. This is my first pregnancy after a long wait and I do not want to lose my child.

  126. Hi, my name is amber, and i am 4 days late and been getting sick for the last two days, however i had a micarriage this last November, im super excited to find out tonorrow if in fact i am pregnant again, please prey for me to help my body accept this pregnancy and have the strength to carry a full pregnancy, thank you

    1. Amber I am praying for you. May you have patience and love for yourself and surrender any worries or concerns to our Lord. I pray that you had good news today, but ultimately…may you trust in God’s timing and grace to prosper you. Blessings over you!

  127. Hello every one my name is Michael Harris of Henderson Texas, I’m weighting to you in place of my wife Emilee. We have been struggling with infertility for 6 years now. I came home from work the other day and for some reason my wife Emilee was trying to argue with me after about five minutes she say”honey we have got to got to the doctor! And I replied why, note I’m still pretty upset and the she pulled out two positive pregnancy test, praise god I was over come with joy I started crying,Well we went to the doctor and they started the ultrasound, My head was dizzy,my ears where getting hot like they where on fire! Then, the Doctor says uhoh….. Your not pregnant. And found out that her utaris is 10x to small ,I wanted to fall to my kness and brake it was like my world and be obliterated!!! Then I looked over at my wifeemilee with the blank expression on her face , and with every bit of strength I had I picked my head up stood beside her and. Said….I’m not leaving….from the till now we are hurting and I’m hear for the sake of my family and beg all of you to show mercy and compassion for us and prey, sincerely your friends in Christ the ‘Harrs family of. Henderson,Texas

  128. I ask for special prayers over two special women and their husbands….a dear friend and then my sister both found out they are pregnant and only 6 and 4 weeks along!

    My friend and her husband are married less than a year and have been trying for just over 6 months! They are grateful and excited that God has blessed them with a miracle. They have had a couple scares during this fragile time but have strong faith in God’s protection even through their worries.

    My sister has struggled with fertility which has been extremely hard for them and especially hard because it seems all their friends and family are getting pregnant during this time and more easily (including my husband and me). My husband and I are expecting our baby in only weeks and have felt unbelievably blessed through these months, all the while we have struggled how to support them in ways that she could accept. We have been praying diligently for God’s guidance and timing for them, as we know God is faithful and only wants to prosper them.

    The amazing blessing is that just today they shared the very early but exciting news with us that they found out last night (just before they had their 1st fertility specialist appointment today) that they are finally pregnant! My sister is asking for prayers which is amazing! We are so incredibly thrilled for them, and so we want to extend that prayer request to as many as will pray!

    We ask for special prayers of protection over their bodies and these miracles of God. May they stand strong with God as their strength even in the early days where worry can consume their thoughts. May we pray for all women and couples who are experiencing similar feelings and times in life. I ask for protection and blessings over all women who are pregnant now and I thank God for his blessing over me, my husband and our sweet blessing (all days have not been easy but in God I find peace and strength needed).

    May we continue to pray and encourage each special women who is reading this.

    The Lord is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all he has made. The Lord is near to all who call on him. To all who call on him in truth. -Psalm 145:17-18

  129. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for more than a year but we never lose hope and faith that one day, God will provide us our own bundle of joy. Please pray for us and for all the couple who experiencing the same thing with us. Thanks in advance for everyone who will include us in your prayer.

  130. Please pray for me, I had a abortion earlier and now I am pregnant by 11 week.
    I am very sorry for all my mistake god, please give me a healthy baby and safe delivery….

  131. Prayers to concive this month I want a baby with my husband so bad so please pray I receive gods blessing and open my womb this month

  132. Please pray for my pregnancy and the baby I’m 5 weeks along and I’m so afraid of not having a healthy baby my husband still does things a Christian shouldn’t and I have a past I’m worried that our children might get punished for our sins please pray for a healthy baby

  133. I am in my 15weeks pregnancy now, I have experience two times miscarriage last year, I am not feeling that I am pregnant now, except that I am getting weight and vomiting all the time. Pls pray for me that God should grant me safe delivery IJN.

  134. Please pray for me. I am 20 weeks pregnant and am having an anatomy scan today. They have listed me as high risk due to an elevated AFP level and my anxiety is through the roof. It took us over 5 years to get pregnant with this baby and I feel overwhelmed. Please keep all of us in your prayers.

  135. Please pray for me and my baby.. I am 7 weeks pregnant but still we dont hear any heartbeat.. And the doctor said that theres subchorionic hemorrhage inside.. I am so afraid.. I dont want to lose my baby.. This is my first preganancy.. Please help me Lord..

  136. My husband and I are in the process of trying for our first child. It has not been an easy process… I have had to take meds to jump start my body to function the way it’s supposed to. From a small child I knew that I wanted to be a Mom. I pray everyday that God will bless us with a child of our own. Please keep us in your prayers as we start this chapter of out lives together.

  137. please pray for me to get pregnant this month… i been trying from a long time.. i believe in God and so it has brought me to this web page.. Pls pray for me ..

  138. Please do pray for me…. i went for my 7th week scan and they said no heartbeat and told me to come back in 2 weeks… plzz pray for me as i juz had a miscarriage in dec2015. hoping ot hear some good news in my 2 weeks times scan…

  139. Im 5 weeks pregnant with a small blood clot visible in the ultrasound. Praying and hoping for a full healthy term for our first baby.

  140. Please pray for me. I am 23 weeks pregnant, i have fibroids and i have been experiencing abdominal pains and aback aches. Please pray for me that the pain may go away and for a safe natural delivery to a healthy baby. My wedding is on 9th July and i will still be pregnant pray for me that i may have strength on that day … Thanks Amen

  141. Just found this website. It is SOO wonderful!! Why didn’t I know about you during my last horrific pregnancy?!?!? I just found out I am pregnant again with our second. My first pregnancy was a total scary dibilitating nightmare and I am very nervous about this one! I really want our son to have a sibling so that he can share the love and bond with a brother or sister. I really need prayer for strength and good health during this pregnancy!! Thank you!! Praying for all of these women on this site who have posted comments.

  142. Hi I have been waited for little over a year to get pregnant and just found out that I’m about 8 weeks pregnant according to my blood work. Just had an ultrasound yesterday and the Dr. says it shows I way too early to hear a heartbeat. So he said that the dates may be off or the fetus stopped growing. I’ve been wanting a baby for a long time. I just hope everything is ok and my dates are off.

  143. Please Lord Allow for my husband and I to see our babies heart beat tomorrow. After a missed miscarriage and molar pregnancy, I am scared out of my wits to go to my appt tomorrow. Please let our baby be healthy.

  144. Lord, after a miscarriage and molar pregnancy, I am beyond terrified to go the the ultrasound tomorrow. Please Lord create in me a perfect baby with a strong heart beat.

  145. Please pray for me to get pregnant this month at least… it’s been 1.5years since my marriage and i am 40 years old. Been trying all this time without even a glimpse of coceiving. On top of that everyone around me is discouraging me on this issue. I am a believer in God and so i havent lost my faith, but am very disappointed with life. Please please pray for me ..

  146. Please lord.. Im 15 years old and i think im pregant my bf just left me and this might be the only way to gratue us back together i miss him so much i wanna raise a family with him i young but i been through alot i love this kid .. His names david he is out of this world i have mood swing he left broke my heart. Please lord. Please let me be pregant…. I dont know what i do if i lose everything lord please

  147. I have been reading through all the above comments and find it reassuring that so many of the anxious mother-to-be’s have likely given birth by now. I am 8 weeks, first time pregnant and not been feeling so well. I feel quite depressed and anxious. Focusing on the Bible and God’s truths has helped but I wake up every morning with a feeling of hopelessness I can’t describe. Seeing midwife next week so will explain to her but any prayers would be appreciated. I just want to feel excited and relaxed during this time. Seven months seems like forever. I just can’t wait to be past this.

  148. Please Lord, I am Anto Franklin, I am 27 years old. I got married 2 years back with Mary Jenuvia Sara. We love each other since 6 years and got married on 2014. We are longing to get conceived. we tried as much as possible naturally, and through medicine but we are unable to get conceived. I am having the problem with my sperm in motility and count, and my wife is having minor issue in her womb called PCOD. We were taking treatment and doctors said there is nothing to worry this issue is common to many couples. But still now we were not able to get conceived.
    We love kids, we were having lot of lovable plans to spend with our child.
    Please lord help us to get a good healthy child to have a happy life…..
    We pray with lot of tears…..

  149. Please pray for me.Starting frm this year my periods were regular but this month still its not come. I hooe to hear the good news .please pray for me to happen a miracle.

  150. I am pregnant with my second child. Yesterday was our first ultrasound and the baby was measuring in at 5 weeks 3 days when I thought we were 7 weeks 3 days…there was only a yolk sack visible – no baby , no heartbeat. I pray to God that I will carry another healthy baby and that at our next ultrasound we hear a heart beat and see our baby.

  151. Hi I’m praying for a positive pregnancy. My period isn’t due for another week and just praying for good news. Thanks and remain blessed

  152. Hi I’m a mom of 2 boys ages 9 and 11 y/o. Now, I’m 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant..please help me and my husband pray for a healthy baby girl as we are longing to have one. Thank you in advance.

  153. I don’t know how far along I am, but i’ve had 2 misscarriages in the past. I am praying to God that he takes away this anxiety that i have just thinking about this baby, if it’s going to be ok. Please pray for me.

  154. Please let it be no period for me this month are any months father god I’m been trying to get pregnant please give me a beautiful baby I been praying for everybody please pregnant that I get pregnant a.s.a.p thank you

  155. Everybody please pray for me that I get pregnant soon a child is a blessing from god and I pray that god bless me with a beautiful baby and everybody on here struggling god will bless y’all with a baby to just have faith ya prayers will come true in Jesus name I pray amen

  156. I’m praying that I hit that pregnancy jackpot on the pregnancy test I want to see to lines on the pregnancy test please god please I need y’all prayers please pray for me

  157. Please pray for me to concieve this month.. i have been trying for so long.. and my heart yearns for a child to love and hold.
    A child would mean so much to my family as a first grandchild… I pray to thee x

  158. Am grateful for this platform.. God bless you greatly. Am supposed to be tensed, buh am in between been tensed and not been tensed, av had 3 recurrent miscarriages and am pregnant now with the fourth just confirmed today.. Please pray for me everyone, this time i will not miscarry again.

  159. My name is Maryam I know this site is for Christians but i am muslim my husband and i have been struggling with infertility. My tubes were blocked i also had hydrosplinx which is fluid in my tubes which flush back down into the uterus. I have to use IVF in order to get pregnant. Please pray for me i am now starting our 3rd cycle and need as much help as possible. All the prayers to god. I pray that those who suffer with infertility that god will bless them with the help they need. I just need people to pray that i will have many follicles and eggs inside and that they will release and my husbands sperm will be inseminated and a embryo placed back into my womb and a healthy baby born. If not that god would give me the strength to accept what ever he sees fit in my path or future. Thank you all for the prayers.

  160. ive been sick latley my body hurts and i have all sorts of pain being pregnant its my first time being a mom so is all new to me i get bad anxiety pls pray for me 🙁 i really need gods help in Jesus name amen

  161. Hello, I’m currently pregnant with my second child. My first one ended in miscarriage. I had my first ultrasound yesterday since I was supposed to be 6 weeks and 6 days along today I would of been 7 weeks.they told me they couldn’t find a heart beat and that maybe I wasn’t so far along like I thought she said I was probably 5 weeks. I’m so scared just thinking I already lost this one also. Please pray for my baby that he/she grows and hopefully they find a heart beat.

  162. Im 21yrs old and 34 weeks pregnant. My fiance is no where to be founded, he calls once a week with private numbers please pray for him to come back i need his support. Also pray for my contractions to start im ready to go to labour please save me with prayers. May he comes back before i give birth to our son in Jesus name, Amen.

  163. After having two miscarriages this year i am feeling pregnant again and my prayer is this time God endows me with His love, care and guidance to be able to carry a healthy child. I believe He is faithful, Amen.

  164. I’ve been trying, praying , hoping to get pregnant for more that 4 years now. I was told I have pcos and bv. I feel so unfortunate!!! My cycle is due next week, plz plz I urge you to pray for me. I’m in urgent need of a baby…..thanks in advance.

  165. i seek prayer as I’m busy planning to Become pregnant for my first child…may the grace of the Lord be with me on this journey as I have fears for dissapointment

  166. I am 34 weeks and almost through…I pray the good Lord protects me and my unborn baby girl. I pray against any unforseen complications, death. I will not cast my young in Jesus. I know the Lord who has seen me up till this moment will bring me to an expected end. Please remember me in prayers. Amen

  167. Pray for me

    I have two boys now. Now I really would like to have baby girl with pregnant
    Pray for me to get one fast

    Thank you god

  168. Prayers needed

    I would like everyone or anyone willing to pray for me to have tried to get pregnant and i haven’t had any success but i pray and put all my faith and trust in the my lord n savior. I would just like for some people to pray for me because the power of prayer is strong.

    Lord please bless me


    Thank you everyone

  169. Hi my name is Lolly im 6weeks pregnant but the doctor didnt find the heart beat plz pray for me…its my first child..plz help me lord..i know u will answer my prayers…let them feel the heart beat next time

  170. Please pray for my hubby and i to become pregnant after many years of trying, miscarrying, ivf treatments etc, seeking prayers and strength from the lord!!

  171. I am 32 weeks pregnant, i strongly believe on the promises of God concerning my life, but lately i have been so fearful and filled with negative thoughts. Please join me in faith as i pray for a supernatural childbirth and healthy baby.

  172. I have had 3 normal pregnancies…I remarried and after trying for 3 years we got pregnant. I am now 22 weeks pregnant , The babies sono was normal..but got a call today from the docs office. They said the 2nd Trimester blood work came back abnormal…I’m scared, worried, depressed, and although I know God is with us…I would love for extra prayer…I believe it is the best way to go…I thank you in advance for reading my post and for any prayers..God bless

  173. Hi . My second cycle s 2 weeks away . Pray for me to get pregnant . Me n my husband are awaiting to experience the gift of god . Plzz pray for us. All praises b to god

  174. Hi i am six weeks pregnant now.i went for first scanning n doctor said there is no heart beat and she give one week time to check again..please pray for me..please lord please help me this poor…

  175. Please prayer for me…….. Pray for me to get pregnant . Me n my husband are awaiting to experience the gift of god . Plzz pray for us. All praises b to god

  176. Hi I’m 5weeks 3days pregnant but I have started bleeding and it’s been 4days. I also had a still born baby girl in March 2016 and she was my first child. Please pray for me and my child that’s in my womb. I know that God will give me this child…..

  177. Hello Everyone,
    Good Morning!!!!!

    Very happy to see lot of comments… here i am too asking for prayers as i have been married for 5 years waiting to have a baby…… Please please pray for me as well 🙂

    Love you all.

  178. Please pray for me I have a history of more than 3 miscarriages , I’m currently 7 weeks, 2 days ago I started spotting brown next day becomes red and clots I cried a lot till , they rushed me to the hospital afta bieng exemined I was told my cervix is still closed,they took some bloods however couldn’t take me to scan because of holiday, sent home for bed rest then to come back next week. I’m praying for Gods miracle that this baby my son stay with make it into my arms. I need this child more than anything in this world ! my sore boobs nd neusea is back .

  179. Please pray for me. 2nd round of IVF. First ended at 8 weeks when baby had no heartbeat after having on before. We are getting faint positives at home and have blood work coming up. I am so anxious and nervous. Hoping this little one sticks around if it is Gods will

  180. Hello Laura

    Thank you for taking your time to pray for TTC and those who are yet to deliver. I have been waiting on God for 2 years and 3 months for the fruit of the womb. I always feel so depressed when my period comes out sometimes i take my mind off it believing i would conceive without knowing but nothing happens at the end of the day .I have prayed, fasted and sowed seeds with tears, when my m.period comes out i cry like a lil baby.

    I need your prayers, i believe God loves me and has not forgotten me.

  181. I wish to get pregnant. Everyone humiliates and hurts me. I wish to conceive. Please pray for me. I am crying everyday.

  182. I am waiting in the emergency room to see if I have miscarried . Please pray that if it is in God’s will that this babies heart beats .

  183. please pray for me, am 5 weeks gone and things has been so hard for my husband, we find it difficult to eat, his business isn’t going well, am so worried.

  184. Please pray for Ailyn L. and her baby. She’s 6 weeks pregnant and I’m worried about her condition. Please help me to pray and I don’t want to lose her baby. Please baby you need to hold tight inside of your mommy’s womb. Baby we love you very much and happy to have you. Please God let the baby be ok inside the womb of her mom. I’m sorry whatever the mistakes I made that I made sad and mad to me. You know me God and I don’t want other people to be sad. Please Jesus Christ help them both and thank you Jesus Christ….

  185. I’m almost loosing hope I feel so helpless I feel responsible for putting my unborn babys life at risk I don’t know how n why this is happening I been praying everyday for years to get pregnant I finally decided this year that I’ll let God take control the idea of becoming a mother wasn’t even on my mind …I got sick in Feb and the doctor said I was pregnant it took weeks for it to settle in n when it did I started bleeding did so many blood test all cone back positive hcg kevels increase yesterday however I had a heavy flow the gynaecologist told me I miscarried felt like my souls being ripped out if me luckly he didn’t give me pills to clean my womb ciz he said its clean there’s nothing there he took blood test again but said they definatly decreased that they will be 10 if not 15 (the hcg)he calls this morning and says they’re increasing that the level is now 2003 of hcg in my blood I thank God for not having taken the pills still bleeding and praying for a miracle I know jesuses love hasn’t failed me and won’t fail me now ..please keep us in your prayers I’ll keep all of u in mine too

  186. I pray that any problem (failure to conceive , miscarriages ,etc ) you are encountering right now be gone in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS and I pray God answers your prayers and let miracles happen in your life ..In the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS AMEN

  187. Please pray for me that I am pregnant this month and receive a positive pregnancy test soon and have a healthy and happy 9months please and thank you it is my deepest desire

  188. hai pls pray for me im 7w4d pregnant, with my 1st baby, when i went to u/s the sac is empty and the Doctor said i should come for another U/S after 2week. i go for a private clinic for second opinion and the doctor said i just 6w2d pregnant and my sac is far i`m not having any morning sickness.. really hope can see my baby heartbeat after 2 weeks.. hoping for a little miracle from our mighty God.

  189. Please pray that I may conceive one last healthy baby boy (hopefully), for my daughter to have a playmate, my husband to have a helper around the house, and my son to have a brother. Currently, we are using the withdrawl method but nothing else, as my husband does not want more children, but I do. I am praying for a miracle breakthrough! I know the odds are not in my favor, but there is still a chance. I am almost 40 and I worry about disabilities in the baby, so the sooner the better. Thank you to anyone who might pray for us.

  190. Please pray for my sister in law. She is 17 weeks pregnant after having two miscarriages. With a history of mental health and depression she is struggling with severe anxiety and depression. She is now back on medication but I worry for her and the baby.

  191. Please agree me in prayers that i conceive and be pregnant. That the word of God will come alive in me. I will be fruitful and will multiply. His words none shall be barren in the land. I believe to conceive and will come back in few weeks to come. Amen

  192. Pls pray for me in 2016 june after my delivery my baby was died she had lots of health problema, now i m planning pls pray jesus touch my womb and bless with normal child

  193. Please help me be patient in the Lord’s timing. Praying for conception, healthy pregnancy, safe delivery, and baby filled with the Holy spirit.

  194. Hi! I am on my 13th week and we are oligohydramnios. we really really want this baby. could you please help me pray for my baby’s health & development. thank you

  195. Please pray for me. Please give me strength. I was told I have pcos and wasn’t allowed to have children. I am 5-6 weeks pregnant and my family wants nothing to do with me and told me to move out. My boyfriend does not want this child, either. This child is all I want….

  196. Hi Laura ,

    I had a very rough year , went through various fertility treatment finally the wait is over when my treatment has started last week but results doesn’t look as we were expecting on the first follicles ultrasound ,but I hoping that my egg quality is good and they form good embryos and it’s helps me to get pregnant . Please pray for me and I would really appreciate ! Lord please help me and give me strength to overcome this situation and gift a sweet baby !

  197. Hi Please pray for us. We got married in 2010, till now no baby. lost of frustrations, disappointments. had 3 IUI all got failed. Badly need prayer. We feel that we are depart from our lord because of our sin. pls pray for us. my hubby is fond of babies. Each and every month we are facing disappointment. I didnt have any symptoms of pregnancy till now. Daily am begging our lord to please me, forgive my known and unknown sin. All my family members are disappointed because of me. I want to let them be happy with my baby.

  198. Good morning
    Please pray for me for fruit of the womb , it’s 3 years now I am still waiting on the lord . I am trying my best to focus on the Lord , but after my anniversary it’s getting very hard and depressing . Please pray for me .

  199. Hi,
    Please pray for me and baby. I am pregnant with my second child only 3 weeks along. I have had brown spotting and one day of bleeding at first I thought I miscarried . Nurse says she didn’t think I have, but I am so nervous something is wrong. I am on bed rest for the weekend. Please pray for me and my family. This has been such a difficult time! And my husband is on a trip during all of this. Thank you!

  200. Please pray for me. I am an older woman. Trying to have a child after all these years I finally found man who truly love me. It would be a blessing to have a child from our union. God brought us together in our seasoned years. It would be an honor and a blessing to look down on a child face that come from God and our love from one another.

  201. Hi i am Verona help me pray for to conceive with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby t am married for three years and this is starting to work negatively on our marriage ..

  202. Dear Lord, thank you for making me a motherhood now that I am going to enter into my 18th week I need ur blessings till my baby is born and after he is born. Plz take out all the fears from me and guide me and be at my side throughout this whole pregnancy. In Jesus name… Amen…. I pray for all the mothers who are pregnant and who are awaiting to conceive….

  203. Please pray for my husband and myself, we’ve been trying for over 6yrs for a baby with no success. please pray that this is our month, we would love to have a family of our own. Please pray that we will conceive our bundle of joy soon. Thank you Kevin & Natalie xxx

  204. After 6 years trying to conceive I finally got pregnant 3 weeks after I contacted Priest Iyare from his website ( ) I am so very overwhelmed on finding this website it was simply amazing. I had history of recurrent miscarriages and was also diagnosed with genetic problems but using his herbs I got pregnant naturally at age 44& after 2 HSGs and 4 negative IUIs including 6 induction Clomid cycles and laparscopy. God will bless you and your good work more and more. I am recommending this program to all women trying to get pregnant.

  205. Please pray for men I keep spotting every two weeks and m pregnant and can’t stop panicking I want this child so badly please include me in your prayers…..

  206. My wife too has had miscarriage before but God willing ,she has conceived now and she’s in her 9th week but she sometimes has bad dreams and is causing us fear of losing this precious gift.please pray for us for we have spent a lot in maintainance and protection of this baby.Though we don’t have enough money on us but we know prayers can do all things.

  207. Pls pray for me from 7 and half yrs me nd my husband trying to conceive but not. Lot of treatments taken. I want to be a mother.pls god bless me with sweet child .amen.

  208. I just discovered two days ago that my husband and I are expecting, and we are so excited! I am only 4 weeks and I am worried about a miscarriage because I am still very early. Prayers would be so appreciated. 🙂

  209. Hello,

    We are married for 9 years and no children. I had undergone 6 IUI’s and one IUI was ectopic and then later undergone IVF but undergone abortion. this happened in 2015. After 3 years we are again trying for children.Iam undergoing IVF treatment next month. I had miscarriages before,so kindly bless me that IVF shuld go well from 0 to 9 months without nay complications,problems and should deliver baby girl.

    Thanks for your support

  210. Please god help me to get pregnant.
    I n my husband are trying for last 8 months but no success. Plz god help me. I want my own baby . Please pray for me . Two days later I ll have my periods. Please god I don’t want my periods this time plz I want to see my pregnancy test positive. Plz listen my prayer god . Don’t ignore me god.

  211. please God help me. im in my 40 weeks of pregnancy and my doctor says that my baby is still floating and my cervix is not yet open. im still hoping for a safe and normal delivery procedure. please pray for me God.

  212. my friend is going through a lot of complications, join me in prayers for her well being and to all the wonderful mums carrying their bundles of joy may they be granted the joy of motherhood.

  213. Please keep my husband and I in your prayers as we try to patiently wait for God’s timing to conceive…that this month may be the month

  214. Hi please join me in praying for my wife she has been having nausea and she is unable to eat and am afraid of her miscarriage. she is now 6 weeks.

  215. Hello,
    i’m writing this with deep sorrow in me. everyday i see pregnant women or kids and wonder why i am not among them. i have prayed till i feel tired. i have cried as well, every month i get my period and wonder why God is so far away from me? i ask myself so many questions? i have been waiting for a year now. it is very heartbreaking, please pray for the fruit of my womb.

  216. Please pray for me I’m going through a lot I have three handsome boys no girls call my own and everybody is telling me I would never have girls only can have boys please pray for me so I can prove them wrong I can’t have girls

  217. For many years, I didn’t want children. God blessed me with a man that I truly love with all of my heart.
    We just started trying, and I am scared that this won’t happen for me, that it’s too late.
    I pray for the gift of a healthy child. I know that my God gives life and is stronger than any discouragement I have.
    Pray for strength and encouragement for me please. I know God wants this for me. The waiting is tough.
    Thank you.

  218. Hi, I really need a prayer at the moment, I am 6 months pregnant I am going threw many emotional sadness between me and the baby father , he is not the right man for my baby or for my future life. He’s really dishonest person that I have to deal with for the time being ..after 3 months my son will be born I will settle in court so that we both can be the parent but I wouldn’t want him to be part of my life anymore.

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