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I’ve written 3 books for the Alive in the Word series from Little Rock Scripture Study.

These Scripture studies dive deep into Biblical commentary within a short volume, only 3 chapters long – perfect for individual reading or group study, with discussion questions and action steps. The books can be used within Bible studies, retreats, and Lenten or Advent groups, inviting prayerful reflection and engaging conversation.

All 3 books are available from Amazon in paperback or e-book. Learn more about the series here, including bulk pricing for parishes or groups.

Dashed Hopes: When Our Best-Laid Plans Fall Apart asks the hard questions of what comes next when life feels broken.

Where do we turn when our hopes are dashed, when we look at best-laid plans and see only shattered dreams?

This book offers fresh perspectives on Jeremiah’s plans for “a future of hope,” Jesus’ agony in the garden, and Isaiah’s promise of “a way in the wilderness.”

. . .

Since loss comes to each of us, without fail, how can Scripture serve as a companion to us in the grief we bear?

Grief: Finding Hope in Sorrow invites us to a deepening experience of God’s healing presence in our lives.

The book reflects on the stories of Ruth and Naomi, the death and raising of Jesus’ friend Lazarus, and the promise of a new heaven and earth in Revelation.

. . .


Mercy: God’s Nature, Our Challenge explores the concept of mercy through two key Gospel stories (the woman caught in adultery and the parable of the Good Samaritan) and one Psalm that reveal mercy to be at the heart of who God is and who we are called to be.

I wrote more about the story behind Mercy in this post:

“What I want you to know about mercy is this: it is torrents of grace when you least believe it exists. It is human goodness poured out so thick you realize it must be of God…”

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