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If you’re expecting, check out my Prayers for Pregnancy. You can get a free prayer for each month OR grab your copy of the e-books of Prayers for Pregnancy (and Prayers for Birth) to get even more prayers – for 9 months & beyond!

If you have a new baby at home, check out my series on Spiritual Practices with Newborns.

If you want to learn how family life can be holy, check out my book Everyday Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting. You can download this FREE guide for discussion & reflection with your book club or parents’ group!

If you’d like prayers for everyday life with kids, sign up for my monthly newsletter here and get a FREE e-book of Prayers for Parenting.

If you want to explore God’s call in your life, check out these FREE small group guides I wrote on vocation: Called to Life and Called to Work – available from the Collegeville Institute Seminars!

If you want to celebrate the liturgical year at home with kids, check out these posts:



Ordinary Time



One thought on “Free For You

  1. Hello your blog has really comforted ….I just had a miscarriage on 18th july 2016 on baby No. 2… I was soo excited to have my baby…suddenly and sadly things just turned ups and down for me… but reading your blog has made me to have some closure on a big question why me… I praise my almighty God for using you to touch many mothers and parents… God bless you

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