bedtime rituals with kids

See What You Have Done. Know That It Is Good.

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | September 14, 2015

He goes in to look at them. Every night before we shut the door to our bedroom and declare the day done, he goes to see the sleeping boys. Too often I play the part of the tired mother. I have been with them all day. I do not feel the need to watch again, especially now that…


a prayer for a new school year

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | September 8, 2015

Here is a prayer for all of us in the midst of transition: to a new season, a new schedule, or a new school year. A prayer to God who guides us all. You are Alpha and Omega.      Bless the end of our summer and the beginning of our fall. You are Abba…

why take kids to church

Why You Have To Go To Church

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | August 15, 2015

Why do you have to go to church, my child? I thought I wasn’t going to have to answer that question for a few more years. Maybe even a decade before you started stomping around with teenage eye rolls of disgust when I ask you to get dressed on Sunday morning, and not in those…


A Prayer for the Sleep-Deprived

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | August 7, 2015

I am tired. How about you? I am tired all the time. I’m tired of talking about how tired I am. I know I was tired before I had kids – tired from college, tired from grad school, tired from work. But since my first child was born, I have been weary to my bones. This is the happy…


eat, pray, light, bless: celebrate a baptism anniversary

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | July 23, 2015

Our sweet babe just celebrated his first baptism anniversary. One trip around the sun, one whole year a Christian. It’s a big milestone in our family. I’ve written about baptism anniversaries here and here, too. But I always find that these days sneak under the radar, despite circling the dates on the calendar and trying…


There Is Another Way

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | June 10, 2015

All these things are in the way, I sigh. Shuffle and shove to make space again. I am tired of working like this, I mutter. I want to sweep everything aside—the papers and the clutter and the laundry and the bills and the books and the toys and the shoes—and stare at a vacant desk. A spotless…

I sing it for you

i sing it for you

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | March 18, 2015

I roared at them tonight. And when I say roared, I mean bellowed from the very core of my being – the tired, angry, frustrated, exasperated, unheard and unnoticed depths of my body and soul, from which I was completely and utterly and maddeningly sick of having asked, cajoled, coaxed, pleaded, begged, demanded, and commanded them…


Morning Prayer Matters: Easy Ways to Start Your Day

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | February 12, 2015

Here are 4 simple ways to start the day with God as a parent: A prayer from childhood Growing up a mile from our small-town Catholic school, we always had just enough time on the drive each morning for my mom to make us pray (ok, sometimes to a chorus of groans) her classic, quick…


this is church right now

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | April 2, 2014

Five minutes late (aren’t we always these days). Smudged nametags, courtesy of Crayola markers. Pile of coats on the end of the pew (will it ever be spring?). Loud whispers requesting books as soon as the lector starts to read. Why can’t we sing that psalm again – I like that one. Puzzle pieces scattered on…

motherhood and mortality

Morbid? Motherhood & Mortality

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | March 18, 2014

“Mommy, I don’t want to die.” His big blue eyes stare up at me, full of—what? Worry? Seriousness? Wonder? We’ve been revisiting this conversation for months, variations on a theme: Mommy, I don’t want to go to be with God. Mommy, I want to live to be 100. Mommy, I don’t want you to die.…


sacrament, interrupted

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | July 22, 2013

I jostle one boy on my hip and nudge the other a step closer to the front of the line. Herding cats, I think as he wanders into the neighboring line of communion-goers. Using my one free hand I gently guide him back by the shoulder and whisper in his ear about trying to stay…

spiritual practice summer

The Spiritual Practice of Summering

By Laura Kelly Fanucci | July 19, 2013

Slipping off shoes before bare grass. Watching a nightly sunset, not in passing but present to the pastel palette of the sky. Listening to early morning birds, awake even before the babes in the next room. Spotting fireflies’ silent blinks at the wooded edge, gentle as grace. Plucking first beans from the lush leaves of…