Rachael Stowe

Rachael Stowe is a Catholic wife and mother of four. She is a lover of beauty, story, and simple living and has traveled the world with her family, often with a baby and backpack attached. After receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis in 2020, Rachael felt called to write about seeing the face of God in the midst of a devastating illness. She writes especially for her young children, and shares some of her writing on her blog, www.whatifweflyblog.com.

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Love’s Mystery Deeper Than Memory

By Rachael Stowe / September 26, 2022

Bundled against the freezing weather, I pushed the stroller down the sidewalk. Baby napping inside, coffee in hand, a book balanced on the bar, and the big kids off on a bike ride with Jeff. This little routine had become a beloved ritual in the chaos and isolation of quarantine. But today was different. The…