Neidy Hess

Neidy (pronounced nay-dee) Hess is a Latina creative with a love of Jesus, Georgia peaches, sweet tea, and cold brew coffee. She lives in Nebraska with her three incredible niños and firefighter paramedic husband. Her family is part of a multi-ethnic church plant that has a heart for diversity. Professionally, she works as a copywriter for a variety of non-profits.

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motherhood amidst racism

Dear Neighbor: I Know You Don’t Want Me Here

By Neidy Hess / June 17, 2024

The leaves fell from the sentinel-like silver maple trees that lined our streets. What were they guarding exactly? I’m not sure. But I loved them the second I saw them. November arrived, and with it, the promise of snow. Everyone retreated inside their homes while we, the new kids on the block, looked out the…