Miller Voigt

Miller is a writer based in Asheville, NC where she lives with her high school sweetheart and their two kids. She began writing short-form essays and poetry after giving birth to her oldest child four years ago. Writing has connected her with others and helped her process motherhood, womanhood, and personhood. She loves reading, thrifting, and a good coral lipstick.

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breath prayer of mothers

The Breath Prayer of Mothers

By Miller Voigt / February 8, 2023

Inhale: their smoky tempers, all aflame, fiery and persistent in their desire Exhale: calm and firm, consistent boundaries Inhale: their sweaty anxieties, all wrapped up in things they don’t understand Exhale: a peaceful presence, unwavering even in your own misunderstanding Inhale: the taste of rebellion, their wild energy dancing away from you Exhale: grace, the…