Karianna Frey

Karianna Frey is a Catholic wife and mother, and an educator, author, and speaker, based out of Minnesota. Growing up Baptist, she developed a deep love for the Lord, which grew as she learned more about the Catholic Church and the gift of her Sacraments. She enjoys sharing about her journey into the Catholic Church, how our values help refine who we are, the power that prayer can have on your life, and how each and every person is created in the image and likeness of God with a specific role in His Church. She is the author of Serviam Non Serviam, The Virtuous Path, The 90-Day Morning Devotional, and The Catholic Devotional for First-Time Moms, all available on Amazon. She is the editor of We are Beloved: 30 days with Thea Bowman, and a contributing author of The Ave Prayer Book for Catholic Mothers, both available from Ave Maria Press. Connect with Karianna on Instagram at @kariannafrey or by visiting www.kariannafrey.com.

Recent Posts

raising teenagers

A Prayer for Raising Teenagers and Launching Young Adults

By Karianna Frey / September 27, 2023

Lord Jesus, through your death and resurrection, You teach us that it is only in letting go can we come to the glory of new life. Yet, as a parent, it is so hard to let go, especially when it comes to our children growing up. As our children develop into the people Our Father…

maternal image for God

Comfort Me, Know Me, Hold Me

By Karianna Frey / March 22, 2023

Lord, when I pray to You as my Father, do not allow my human mind to limit You to my human understanding of what it means to be father or mother. I pray that our limits of human language do not hide who You truly are to every one of Your children. You are Spirit,…

forgiving your mother

Forgiving when you want to burn the world down

By Karianna Frey / November 7, 2022

We live in a world that is based on relationships. Not many of us are called to live the life of a hermit, and that means that we interact with people on a daily basis. Most of those interactions are favorable and bring us nothing but joy and good feelings. Other interactions are more transactional…