Christina Snyder

Christina Snyder lives in Nampa, Idaho with her husband and two young sons. She spends her days caring for them and filling in the little pockets of time with writing. Knowing our mundane and ordinary moments steady and ground us she loves exploring in her writing how the Lord meets and sustains us there, particularly in motherhood. When time allows she enjoys skiing, camping, and family bike rides to the park. More of her work can be found at and on Substack (

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Litany for a Mother with Intrusive Thoughts

Litany for a Mother with Intrusive Thoughts

By Christina Snyder / June 13, 2024

O Infinite Father, you hold together all things by your word. You are creator of all the living and uphold them in your hand. By your very breath you sustain; You carry humanity. It is a holy and heavy task you have granted me— to care for and raise your littlest and most vulnerable ones, my…