Claire McKeever-Burgett

Claire K. McKeever-Burgett serves as an Assistant Theology Editor for The Other Journal and is the Director of Communications and Employee Relations for the Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center. Former host of the award-winning Academy Podcast, Claire is ordained clergy, leader of contemplative spirituality offerings, mother, certified birth and postpartum doula, yoga, dance, and martial arts instructor, partner, lover, volunteer basketball coach, and friend. Her first and forthcoming book with Chalice Press centers ten stories of women from the Gospels in their words, with their own names, interwoven with her personal story of growing up as a woman with a vision and a voice in a conservative, Southern Baptist, male-dominated world. Claire lives in Nashville, TN with her partner, Adam, and their two children, Wade and Liv.

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To be created is to be good

Joy Shows Her Finest

By Claire McKeever-Burgett / March 27, 2023

Lessons on Goodness from the Basketball Court and Beyond And God saw everything that was created, and, indeed, it was very good. Translation inspired by Genesis 1:31 (The New Interpreters’ Study Bible)  I stand at center court in an old, smelly elementary school gym as eight first-grade boys stand along the baseline, squirming with energy,…